Tec Root: A one-stop Shopping Experience for all Gaming and Audio Requirements

Safwan Mansoor, Co-Founder & Director,Aman, Co-Founder

Safwan Mansoor

Co-Founder & Director

TecRoot is a prominent tech store in Sri Lanka, offering cutting edge gaming, audio, and other state-of-the-art gear from top-tier brands. TecRoot was something that transpired in a matter of days. It was a chance conversation between friends/gaming buddies Safwan Mansoor and Aman that led to the creation of TecRoot. Safwan is an esports athlete who has been the national FIFA champion a couple of times and won many national awards. He is currently the Assistant Secretary of Sri Lanka's national esports federation. Back in the day, he used to be an ERP Consultant at Aitken Spence Technologies, and then he started his own ERP Business School for ERP training courses. While doing all of these, he ran a parttime online store on social media called 'CeeBee Technologies,' where he sold gaming consoles, hardware devices and accessories.

On the other hand, TecRoot partner Aman used to work as a graphic designer/marketing executive, which is his area of competence. Since Safwan was doing this part time and didn't have the time or expertise in design, he simply offered Aman to take care of the same. It was simply a casual question, and Aman returned to Safwan a few days later to express his desire to seriously explore the offer. So they sat down and spoke about how they were going to take things to the next level, and the first decision they made was to rename the store from CeeBee Technologies to TecRoot. That
was the commencement of TecRoot in October 2018. “Our organization is built in such a way to embrace tech. We love innovation and we will be among the first to influence it to the people in our country,” signifies Safwan Mansoor, Co-Founder & Director.

An Edge over the Others
TecRoot is dedicated to providing clients with a one-stop shopping experience for all of their gaming and audio needs. TecRoot caters to a wide range of customers, from casual to professional. Both before and after sales, the company maintains a high level of customer service. Its focus on customer service begins even before they make an inquiry and continues indefinitely. Its range is varied enough to meet the needs of all consumers, regardless of their budget. Everything linked to gaming is covered in the portfolio, including consoles, video games, accessories, and more. The audio arm, on the other hand includes all headsets, earphones, earbuds, speakers, soundbars, mic, transmitters, amplifiers, and other audio accessories and works with over 100 legitimate brands of repute. “What makes us unique in the market is the ability to understand the exact requirements of the customer, suggest potential solutions, and make them accessible. Accessibility is the key,” signifies Aman, Co-founder.

"TecRoot is a 2 man show org that understood better the needs of the gamers than other existing competitors out there”

TecRoot has expanded and grown substantially since its inception. And as it forges ahead, it has a clear plan for the upcoming years and is constantly working towards achieving its objectives. The firm is constantly investing more effort into the R&D department to keep up with the latest trends and be up to date with the international markets. Currently, it is catering island-wide with one branch in Colombo and is hoping to expand its physical presence in other areas of the country as well. And with the growth of the local esports industry, the firm is eager to collaborate with local esports athletes, orgs, streamers, and events to flourish together. Overall, the company intends to be one of the leading corporations influencing the growth of SriLankan esports.

“My philosophy is simple. It's not only about the money when it comes to company success. It's about the quality and standards of the services you deliver, as well as the brand image you develop in the market. That is what success entails for me. So we're gradually working our way up the ladder and will undoubtedly be there shortly,” concludes Safwan Mansoor.