Techhub Engineering & Advisory: Empowering Teams with Innovative Engineering and Advisory Practices

 Anuj Narula,  Founder & CEO

Anuj Narula

Founder & CEO

A significant move towards digital transformation and innovation is taking place within the engineering and advisory industry. Infra-structure Companies increasingly use modern technologies such as AI, Recycling, Pre Cast Segmental construction or similar to improve service offerings and operational efficiencies. Nevertheless, this has increased the Speed of Infrastructure construction multifold, in comparison to 15-20 years back from now . Moreover, in this fast pace construction era, it is equally important to upgrade our self with Latest technology and engineering innovations. Techhub Engineering & Advisory is a leading innovator in the infrastructure engineering advisory sector committed to radical change through ongoing innovation, cutting-edge technology and an enabling inclusive work culture.

Techhub was founded with a vision to revolutionize the engineering and advisory sector. The company started with a team of two engineers in Gurugram, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional engineering practices and modern technological advancements. The founders, inspired by their experiences in multinational corporations as well in India based engineering consultancies, sought to create a dynamic firm that emphasized innovation, adaptability, and employee well-being. Today, Techhub has grown to a team of over 35 professionals from across India, earning accolades such as the ‘Amazing Workplace’ e-certification. “The company continues to lead with cutting-edge solutions and a strong commitment to its core values”, speaks Anuj Narula.

Innovating Engineering Excellence & Advisory Solutions

Techhub’s Civil engineering consultancy services include Highway Design, structural design, and project management, to ensure strong performance of projects. The company is a leading specialist in the incorporation of modern construction technology, offering Innovative Civil Engineering solutions; AI based analyses and development of intelligent infrastructure. It also provides consultative services, which include strategy consultancy; feasibility studies, Advisory services on Techno-legal matters and risk management enabling clients to make well-informed decisions with expert assistance.

In addition, the firm runs custom-made training programs by such as software training for staff in order to increase their knowledge base and productivity. Concerned about environment conservation, the firm offer eco-design options that encourage sustainable construction practices through using green materials and technologies that save energy.

Techhub is different from others by a combination of core values, innovative practices and employee centric policies. The company has the tagline ’Growing Together’ that emphasizes respect, harmony, nurturing and innovation. It is founded on strict ethics that range from zero tolerance for disrespect to lifelong learning commitment and unbiased leadership. There is a culture of empathy, which is continuously ingrained through constant training, open communication, transparent policies and an enabling environment. The firm boosts its personnel’s morale via weekly meetings, one-on-one communications, informal gatherings and rewards among others. Weekly knowledge sharing sessions at the company are arranged along with technical workshops and seminars culminating in software training exercises to empower employees to improve their skills in technology.

Some of these HR policies include no sandwich leaves; flexible work from-home options; advanced salary provisions; support for higher education as well as menstrual leave supporting a friendly working environment. The 30-60-90-Day Hiring Plan, split into immediate and long-term needs, ensures strategic talent acquisition. Health and wellness benefits, such as discouraging overtime, health insurance, and meditation sessions, promote wellbeing. Techhub's exit strategy respects individual career decisions while addressing underlying issues, ensuring continuous improvement and a positive workplace culture.

Techhub’s future roadmap emphasizes engaging employees through its expertise, recognizing the importance of happiness and fulfillment beyond monetary compensation. By adopting employee-centric practices from leading companies, the firm aims for high client satisfaction and quality, driving continuous innovation and maintaining its leadership position in the industry.