Techmologics: Transforming Businesses with their Innovative Approach to Product Development

 Srinivasa Reddy Marri ,  CEOWhile the software services industry space is largely dominated by companies segregating their offerings based on technology, we focus on transforming the overall business of a company”, says Srinivasa Reddy Marri, CEO, Techmologics Innovations. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, Techmologics Innovations is a privately owned company that develops a framework that brings the ability to startups and entrepreneurs to realize their innovation by transforming business problems into customer-centric digital solutions.

The modern-day business environment has never been this competitive. With evolving technologies, demand for customer-centric software products with rich features, and the need for cost optimization, surviving in the cut-throat competition is a tough feat to achieve. Techmologics strives to help you find the perfect innovative approach to product development, design, and optimization to realize your vision of bringing simply the best products to the marketplace at optimum cost and timeline.

“Our product engineering services are based on the pillars of product engineering expertise, futuristic technology, and market and ROI analysis to help you surmount these challenges and stay a step ahead of the competition. With Techmologics, you can rest assured that your product is being developed with modern best practices with every QA benchmark to reduce investment and turnaround time”, says Srinivasa.

Delivering a Successful Business Model
Techmologics started with Java/.NET project development and Oracle NetSuite ERP and e-Commerce implementation. With its organic growth, the company then ventured into the varied landscapes of Product Engineering and Business Research & Minimal Valuable Product Market fit Evaluation.

The software product development process at Techmologics implies the periodic launch of a set of features tailored to meet the needs of specific businesses. These processes are well defined and help teams manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept through launch. With its optimized product development processes and a single & secure source of information, cost effective and competitive products of high quality can
be developed. “Over the years, we improved and arrived at an optimal Product Lifecycle Management that helps manage complex, cross-functional processes, coordinating the efforts of distributed teams to consistently develop and deliver the best process products”, adds Srinivasa.

Understanding the positive impact of mobile solutions for the success of businesses today, the team at Techmologics also delivers mobile-first strategy. The company offers innovative mobility solutions to diverse business verticals for both phones and tablets on iOS and Android platforms. We provide end-toend services right from Ideation, Mobile Strategy, UI Design, and Building the App to Deployment to App Store or Play Store. Be it native, mobile web apps, or hybrid apps, the proficient mobile testing team at Techmologics specializes in testing apps on different varieties of mobile devices and operating systems, ensuring apps built have greater security, are fully compatible, and are high performing.

Besides, Techmologics has been helping organizations adopt and integrate disruptive technologies into their business to facilitate their transition into the digital age. With the digitization of clients’ business models, the company brings a fundamental transformation in the way they offer value to its customers. “By partnering with Techmologics, you never have to worry about the complexities and the costs associated with digital transformation. Whether you have just started out or are an established business, you can count on us for solving all your realworld business problems and preparing you for the future”, adds Srinivasa.

Techmologics has been helping organizations adopt and integrate disruptive technologies into their business to facilitate their transition into the digital age

Techmologics has partnered with customers to build technology platforms for the Agricultural and EV charging space with its AI and blockchain-backed solutions. The company’s developed unified agriculture product platform currently has over 1L users and can be accessed via mobile and cloud as a SaaS platform. Due to its simple user experience, even the farmers on the ground can use it and connect with the inhouse team for any issues. The company’s EV charging managing solutions on the other hand has marked its footprint across the country. The company is also constantly focusing on building solutions for B2B and B2C.

Decades of Experience
The core team at Techmologics boasts decades of experience in executing entire product implementation and business leadership. Srinivasa, the CEO and also the Founder of Techmologics has 22+ years of experience working through multiple technologies including Cloud, Mobile technologies, and DevOps platforms. Since its inception, the company has delivered solutions for Zoho and Netsuite CRM/ERP implementation. Agility is one of the core capabilities of the team at Techmologics.

In 2020, the services at Techmologics were extended to offer hitech consultancy services in emerging technologies like Data Science, AI & ML, and Blockchain technologies. Presently, the company is venturing into the Fintech space and hopes to soon launch an E-commerce marketplace for small and mid-sized businesses to showcase their products. Techmologics is constantly working to bring innovation, technology, and creative skills together to build solutions through digital connect. “At Techmologics, we understand that the best business strategies need an exceptional ability to execute them. With strongly backed agile development practices, we travel with our clients till they are successful”, concludes Srinivasa.