Technogram Solutions: Travel Technology Solutions For a Competitive Edge

Ashu Gupta, CTO & Co-founder,Sanjay Khurana, Director & Co-founder

Ashu Gupta, CTO & Co-founder

Sanjay Khurana, Director & Co-founder

The rise of digital technologies has been a game changer for various industries and the global travel sector is no different. With digitization picking up pace and consumers getting accustomed to lighting fast services, there arises the need for an astute digital partner that can lead the travel management players to adopt next gen technologies. Technogram Solutions, a Travel Management System provider does exactly this and much more. Founded in 2018, the company empowers travel agents globally to enhance customer experience, grow their profitability, and manage online interaction with clients and suppliers.

To enable the same, Technogram has developed robust and cutting-edge B2B, B2C, & B2E technology platforms. Developed by leveraging the experience of over 50industry veterans and their technical finesse, the platform enables customers to effectively manage their online sale of travel products and provide a seamless booking experience. Additionally, the company offers a range of customizable solutions to fulfill every online business needs. The company is moving ahead with the vision of providing a cost-effective tool to all the travel agents, TMCs, and OTAs globally that will help them simplify complex travel problems smoothly and efficiently.

Countering the Covid 19 Crisis
With the onset of Covid-19, the rate of digital transformation moved faster than ever before. There was a paradigm shift in the travel industry and new standards were set in place. The global crisis gave Technogram

an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-strategize so that they could hand hold their clients and sail through the events together.

Focusing on features and strategies that could ensure a speedy recovery of clients, the firm came u with radical innovations and started to ameliorate the Covid-19 impact by modifying their technology. Multiple simulation exercises were executed to test the endurance of the platform and various parameters were added to make the technology “smart” and flexible in a crisis of supply chain disruption.

The global crisis gave Technogram an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-strategize so that they could hand-hold their clients and sail through the events together

The “Move Fast & Fix things Fast” mentality was adopted throughout the global crisis, and this led the company to incorporate multiple features such as automating credit shell usage, adding reward-based coins system, end-to-end automations of booking cancellation, cancellation protection functionality, and adding NDC capabilities. Despite the workflow disruption, they were able to successfully launch new products like corporate self-booking tool, Online Indian railway distribution platform, and successfully integrating more than 20 new suppliers during the lockdown.

Getting Acquainted with the New Normal
Technogram started aligning its goal with the new “Future of Work.” As TMCs started looking for resilient technology partner so that they can service their corporates in innovative & efficient ways. They started to do an exhaustive rehaul of corporate booking tool. The tool now has multiple capabilities like approval mechanism system, price drop alerts, and “Big Data” for advanced data analytics. Other than that, the company also developed tools for direct corporates which aims to reduce their dependency on a single TMC and provides them the capability to work with multiple TMC, thereby increasing their leverage over the supplier.

The team’s hard work and valuable client feedback has helped Technogram grow its clientele 5x, expand base in more than 10 countries, and increase revenue 3.6x. With the innovative features developed, they were successful in helping their clients save on their operating costs by 37.5 percent.

“Moving forward we are focusing on enhancing our offering with adding more NDC capabilities in the system, which is the future of the Air Travel Industry, adding dynamic package capabilities, and incorporating best Cybersecurity practices that will ultimately make our platform more robust and secure,” says Ashu Gupta, CTO & Cofounder, Technogram Solutions.