Technohertz Technologies: Accelerating Businesses by Providing a Complete End-to-end Service

Ankit Gupta,Co-Founder

Ankit Gupta


In the era of digitalization, it's quintessential for the businesses of all quarters to go online. This is necessary to stay consumer aware, efficient, and more consumer-friendly. Moreover, the digitalization of the business processes gives leverage over the market. Since it's inception in 2017, Technohertz Technologies is helping such business organisations in digitalizingtheir organisational and operational needs. With their reliability and companionship, Technohertz is leading the segment.

Technohertz, a Pune-based Software Company, is workings with the industries like manufacturing, healthcare, banking, education, etc. IoT and the digitalization of the internal processes is where the company is focused upon. Technohertz Founders ­ Ankit, Abhijeet and Shailesh, have more than a decade of experience in the software field. The core team's combined expertise and hard-work is the key to the company's sustainable growth.

IoT, Enterprise Software, QA Automation, UI/UX Design
In 2017, Technohertz started with mobile and web services. But with the growth and development, the company now offers a variety of services in ­ Internet of Things (IoT), Quality Assurance (QA) Automation,
Enterprise Software and User-interface or User Experience (UI/UX) Design. The clients are getting benefited more with Technohertz as the company has been providing complete end-to-end services required to build any software. The clients can simply focus on their business as Technohertz takes care of UX, development, deployment, and the maintenance thereafter.

Technohertz's tech capabilities include front-end as well as back-end technologies, and frameworks. It works on the frameworks like Angular, React Native, Ionic, etc. on the front-end while the back-end proficient are as include Java, PHP, Python, Node.js and WordPress. Team Technohertz also has expertise in cloud technologies of Azure and AWS. In IoT arena, Technohertz works on the embedded programming which requires the engineering endpoints or sensors. Also, the company helps its clients in selecting the tech stack for their requirements, or sometimes follows the preferred tech from client's tech team.

As a start-up, Technohertz has been growing steadily making its market presence through marketing and delivering IoT and UX-only services

Technohertz follows the Agile Methodology with Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) approach. In this, as the client has given the requirements, the team starts the development with UX wire-framing and designing called as Design Led Engineering. UX is important as it connects the client side and the development side in sync. This helps the development team in coding the backend and business logic to meet the client requirements. Setting up the sprint plan and CICD approach gives the clients confidence, and addresses the feedbacks during the development process itself reducing the potential impact to time and cost.

Growth and Clientele
Technohertz has been growing steadily and being a start-up, the company has backed some globally recognised clients and is able to continuously improve it's technological capabilities in a short span of time. Technohertz is marketing IoT in manufacturing through outreach initiatives and focussing on delivering UX-only services. Recently, it has also built solutions for retail and restaurant businesses. Some of Technohertz's clientele includes Tata Technologies, Forbes Marshall, and Thermax to name a few.