Techo Electra Motors: Marking the Indian EV Revolution by Delivering Quality, Class and Affordability

The future of mobility solutions is in electric vehicles (EV). The conventional automobile sector is one of the most polluting industrial sectors in the whole world. India, being the country with the second-highest population in the world, the impact of pollution due to the gasoline or diesel operated automobiles is of major concern. The country needs reforms in its automotive industry.

Techo Electra Motors, a Pune based EV company, has been revolutionizing the automotive sector since its inception in 2018. Techo Electra is taking its time in aiming at the various opportunities in the vast EV segment. The company has launched a variety of successful two-wheeler EVs such as Raptor, Emerge, and Neo. The latest addition is ­ Saathi, a utility EV. Techo Electra has mainly focused on the two-wheeler segment. The company manufactures world-class products at quite competitive prices.

Founder Diaries
As Prakash Bhootra, Techo Electra's Founder and MD, quotes, "The EV market is the sunshine industry offering huge opportunities in product manufacturing (2/3/4-wheelers and commercial vehicles). The charging infrastructure will also be a big industry and India as a country has miles to go in offering opportunity for the same".

Also, the Government of India has been very proactive in laying the base for the EV industry by going a step further in giving a push to the industry with incentives to EV buyers, reducing the GST, urging the government departments to use EVs, use of EV for public transport, etc. This kickstarted the Techo Electra's journey with research on developing an economical two-wheeler with higher affordability compared to the existing ones.

In Pursuit of Future Ready Two Wheelers
In the EV sector as well, the consumers want products with the best quality and the most appealing looks.
They want a variety of options, and that's why it's important for Techo Electra to keep adding new EVs in their portfolio for the relevant market share. The company is planning to introduce new 3 EV models to the market in 2021.

Prakash Bhootra,Techo Electra's Founder and MD

Being the customer-oriented company in the EV space, Techo Electra gets feedback from its network of dealers and customers to send the data for analysis in the production, R&D, and sales and marketing teams for any improvements. Techo Electra has got their development and production cycles right while ensuring enough point of sales across the country; keeping the associates engaged and doing marketing/sales campaigns to deliver experiences to the customers and dealers. Prakash adds, "Success cannot be achieved with a single strategy and one needs to keep assessing the situations, environment, and ecosystem around, and modify things that would best suit the company making it a winner".

With A Robust Strategy Lined Up To Gain The Market Share, Techo Electra Motors Aims To Be Amongst The Early EV Companies To Make A Mark In The Segment

Team Techo Electra consists of a young bunch of dedicated members clocking 60+ man-hours a week to deliver what it takes to be the best and also, experienced individuals who bring in the experience of the industry and provide strategy contribution. At Techo Electra, from sales of 40 EVs in October 2018 to over 12000+ by Dec 2020 has been a phenomenal journey filled with excitement and challenges. The company is geographically spread across 50 cities and expanding itself at a rate of almost 4 to 5 cities every month, thereby adding 75+ dealers across the country and counting.