Techvizor : Revamping Corporate Culture to Deliver Greater Employee Satisfaction

 Ankur Roongta,  Co-Founder

Ankur Roongta


The influence of the global business culture's transformation into a more employee-centric environment can be experienced across industries, with startups taking the charge for redefining company culture and values. Today, there is a growing impetus on work-life balance, as well as fostering a safe and nurturing workplace atmosphere where employees are not merely cogs working for the company’s success, but members growing and upskilling with the firm and adding value.

Techvizor, a Gujarat-based IT solutions firm, is making waves in the industry through its employee-friendly work culture and policies. Recognized as one of the top Gujarat startups to work for, Techvizor is reinventing modern corporate culture based on the pillars of inclusivity, transparency, and honesty with a jovial and radiant environment where every idea is welcomed.

Growing with the Employees

As a firm that offers customized and innovative IT tools including Funnel CRM for streamlining customer support and sales operations, HRMS - a pocket-sized HR assistance, Hello AI for content creation and information retrieval, and Smart Society for enhanced safety,Techvizor recognizes the need for continuous learning and upskilling of every team member to fulfill its customer-centric modus operandi.

In furtherance of hiring tech experts with a strong understanding of current technologies, the firm looks for lifelong learners zealous about emerging trends through self-learning methodologies in addition to the ongoing training sessions, workshops, certifications, and self-development opportunities that it offers.
“Our employees are not just valued team members; they are integral partners in our journey towards excellence. We prioritize internal talent development and promotion, providing opportunities for employees to advance within the organization based on their performance and potential”, shares Ankur Roongta, Co-Founder.

Techvizor's proactive and multifaceted approach to employee-centricity includes a focus on developing multiple communication channels, establishing goals and expectations to remove ambiguity regarding roles and responsibilities, rewarding high-performing team members, providing diverse learning resources, and fostering a supportive environment where the team is encouraged to take risks for better innovation. At the same time, the firm continues to provide exemplary benefits through its HR policies that drive employee satisfaction and productivity. These include flexible working hours, hybrid work options, personalized schedules, training opportunities, zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment, competitive salaries, 40- hour work weeks,CSR initiatives , inclusivity and diversity, performance reviews, feedback loops, paid vacation time, health insurance, and wellness programs.

Techvizor prioritizes collaboration & innovation among employees, empowering them to thrive personally & profes-sionally, to drive collective success

Moreover, the company has adopted an innovative 30-60-90 day hiring plan that eases new employee adjustment in the organization. Through this plan, the first three months focus on orientation and familiarization with the organization’s culture, values and policies including structure, departments and introduction to the role and basic expectations. The following month is dedicated to skill building and project involvement, giving more responsibility to new hires. The final 30 days are dedicated to employee empowerment by encouraging ownership and independence over projects.

Future Roadmap

We aim to create a visionary AI team, nurturing a collaborative workspace in the era of recession. We strive to be a 200+ tech enthusiast team by 2025. Our futuristic goal is to leverage technology-enabled solutions such as AI-powered to provide accessible and personalized support for employees”, adds Ankur Roongta.

For the purpose of enhancing employee engagement, the company is planning to use advanced analytics and AI-based tools with the capability to customize employee experience. For this, the firm aims to understand individual career aspirations and work styles. Furthermore, Techvizor plans to integrate gamification elements within the employee engagement efforts to make procedures more interesting and rewarding. Additionally, with a focus on employees’ mental wellbeing, the firm aims to expand its support programs, and resources to accommodate potential needs.