Techwala IT Consultants: Driving Digital Transformation

KapilDev Pathak, Founder, Brinda Das, Co-Founder, & Kishore Nag, Co-FounderThe genesis of Techwala IT Consultants took place when three path breakers Kishore Nag, KapilDev Pathak and Brinda Das decided to avail the power of digital marketing to empower businesses with customized and result oriented strategies to gain grounds in the ecosystem. With this end in view and a strong business ethics,they have not only designed topnotch solutions but have also successfully developed an unwavering bond with each and every client.

“The internet is filled with valuable digital marketing information but somehow it does not provide enough instructions that could tone down the gap between technology, marketing methods and the end users. Entrepreneurs and marketers come across several challenges while dealing with this concept. Lack of expert inputs, harmonization of multiple skills and transparency are some of the causes of this disconnection. Considering the situation we decided to set up an organization with the objective to bridge this gap and succour every big and small company with the best digital marketing solutions,” Kishore Nag, Co-founder & CEO Techwala IT Consultants

As an agile digital marketing firm, Techwala IT Consultants is offering composing farreaching services ranging from Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management Email Marketing, Digital Consultancy Audit Management and App Development among others. The main objective of the company has always been to make the whole concept of digital marketing straightforward and accessible by every big and small organization.

The best and the strongest pillar of Techwala is its team strength. The team is avid to keep itself updated with the ever evolving digital technologies in order to devise customized and effective solutions based on the requirements of their clients. The company on a whole is taking initiatives to educate and train resources for driving seamless digital transformation: “Our team is our tower of
strength. We are small but effective, who believe in putting forth creativity, innovation, ethics with a loT of passion and agility. To keep up their positive spirit, we have been encouraging a warm working environment and providing utmost freedom to explore, learn new things to keep themselves up-to-date and stay ahead of the curve,” KapilDev Pathak, Founder and Lead Technologist Techwala IT Consultants.

With the support of an adroit team and a catalytic work ethics, Techwala IT Consultants stands at the head of the queue in the digital marketing industry. It has also collaborated with some of the leading brands to facilitate faster digital transformation and also become an intrinsic part of the successful journey of many budding enterprises.

“The success of a digital marketing consulting firm largely depends on a sound content strategy that is created based on the business type, its objectives and the company’s targeted audience.“In digital marketing, technology enhanced content has the ability to draw up an incredible influence on people. It can support a brand lead ahead in the market by spreading awareness, building trustful image, encouraging customers to embrace the services offered to them,” affirms Brinda Das, Co-Founder and Lead Content Strategist of Techwala IT Consultants.

Abiding by strong business ethics and core values, techwala it consultants is all geared up to drive digital transformation with knowledge, skill and learning endeavours

The Time Ahead
Abiding by strong business ethics and core values, Techwala IT Consultants is all geared up to drive digital transformation with knowledge, skill and learning endeavours. By and by, the company is all set to launch Techwala Learning in collaboration with Cambridge Marketing College, London. This initiative is planned for educating, facilitating and skilling the mass concerning the digital marketing evolution and its dynamic practices. Nevertheless, it is looking forward to embrace more innovations to propel positive growth and human prosperity.

Key Management
Kishore Nag, Co-founder & CEO
An industry maven with over 23 years of experience, Kishore understands the significance of embracing change and adapts futuristic marketing practices to bridge communication gaps between the market and its consumers with creativity, technology and content. As the Co-Founder of Techwala IT Consultants he is in true sense driving digital transformation with innovative and technology enabled marketing communication.

Kapil Dev Pathak, Founder and Lead Technologist
A tech alpha geek, Kapil has spent about 15 years in structuring the development of many renowned establishments both in India and abroad. He has always been excited to learn about trending technological advancements and putting them into practice for formulating the best services and solutions for the clients of Techwala IT Consultants.

Brinda Das, Co-Founder and Lead Content Strategist
A content expert with over 14 years industry experience who considers content to be the guiding factor for building a desired perception about products, brands and businesses, Brinda has fashioned sound content strategies to portray the clients’ objectives and offerings clearly to their targeted audience with focused digital communication.