Teestra Lifestyle: Your Go To Brand For Comfort Apparel

Vasant Marimuthu,DirectorMake In India initiative that incentivized production and exports within the country brought along a positive change in the apparel and textile industry too. Driven by the surge in demand for cotton alone, the production is projected to reach 7.2 million tonnes by 2030 in India to cater to the global demand. The production linked incentive (PLI) scheme is marked at Rs. 10,683 crore(US$ 1.44 billion) is expected to be a major booster for textile manufacturers. The scheme proposes incentivizing MMF (man made fiber) Apparel, MMF Fabrics, and ten segments of Technical Textiles products.

With rising numbers comes the rising startups in India within the apparel industry. Teestra Lifestyle is an apparel brand that offers a clothing line for men, women, and kids. The brand focuses on corporate uniforms and work from home clothing, including sweatshirts, jackets, track pants, t-shirts, pullovers, and other comforts/casual clothing.

Teestra Lifestyle is based in Bangalore, the fashion capital for India's apparel brands. The initiative at Teestra was backed by the fact that there were fewer t-shirt manufacturers in Bangalore when the company envisioned its place in the market. T-shirts have gained a relevant space in the fashion space as comparatively much chosen comfort apparel in the formal setup. The small apparel startups mostly struggled with quantity as the established players would only take bulk orders and these small startups have capital constraints to fulfill those. “Teestra observed this gap and leveraged the opportunity in
hand, thus supplying to businesses that would demand small quantities at relatively affordable prices” says Vasant Marimuthu.

Teestra caters to all kinds of consignment demands. It offers quality at the best affordable prices. The USP of Teestra that sets it apart from the other brands in the league is the customized options. The company caters to every demand of its clients regarding the design, pattern, fabric, etc. the process goes as simple as sending over the design requirements through the mail and getting the exact specifications ordered within a short turnaround span. Teestra also advises its clients upon the design. About the recent rise in demand for sustainable fashion, Teestra provides organic fabric apparel too.

The WFH clothing has set on a trend as the ‘New Formal

Teestra gets the country’s best raw material and procures its own fabric within the establishment. It has a good range of artificial, man made, and sustainable fabrics. The company produces inhouse, from designing to the final delivery, each quality standard is carefully measured and delivered. The inhouse manufacturing also gives it an edge over the pricing modules as there are no middlemen involved in the process.

Sampath Kumar J, Founder & Director
Teestra continues to satisfy its clients with quality fashion at affordable pricing. It wants to add value to what its clients would expect in the given price range in terms of quality and delivery. The brand has managed to generate good sales through E-commerce platforms despite the pandemic. Ninety percent of the sales were derived from Amazon and Flipkart alone. With these increasing numbers, it plans to derive sales on its website. The short term growth plan for Teestra is 2x and 3x growth, respectively, in the next consecutive years.

The work from home clothing variables have gained a lot of popularity from Teestra. And going forward, the company is striving to generate more revenue from their men’s brand Amigos, women’s brand Cotton Colors, kids brand Monkey Mischief and Bagsaurus which is an individual bag brand.