Teezo Lifestyle: Delivers Creativity and Timeless Expression

Yatin Shah,Founder & Director

Yatin Shah

Founder & Director

A widely observed platitude says that entrepreneurialism is an innate instinct. Such souls are visionaries who engage their attention in looking beyond the horizon to carve out trailblazing ideas and approaches. Yatin Shah belongs to this coterie whose entrepreneurial spirit began buzzing since he was an adolescent.

With this fervour he pitched himself in launching prosperous enterprises, one of which is Teezo Lifestyle- an online T-shirt brand that styles up and designs T-shirts based on the philosophy of Minimalism, endowing the youths with the clothes of their choice. “My interest to have a business of my own and pioneer something out of the ordinary developed in me since the time I completed my 10th exam.

As I came across prospective breathing spaces, I ventured into them. I was in my mid 20’s when I realised that I hardly wear t-shirts and the ones I had were drab. I discerned the fact that there are fewer alternatives when it comes to buying T-shirts which suits the body, age and of course proclivity.

Hence, I with the staunch support of my other two partners decided to set up a concern which can design and manufacture T-shirts that reflects peoples’ personalities and penchants. Considering all intent and purpose, the intention was never to build Teezo as a fashion startup but to an establishment that brings people closer to their emotions,” narrates Yatin Shah, Founder & Director.
A Remarkable Platform
As an online shopping platform, Teezo advances interesting and sportive collection of T-shirts for both men and women belonging to the age group of 20 to 45. These outfits are available as Graphics, Polo, & Basic T-shirts. A special section is designated as Gujju T-shirts where garbs consist of Gujarati expressions.

In order to appease customers across regions, the firm has also made room for delivering not only tailor but customized clothing that satiates the needs of the purchaser. Customers can either place a single purchase or opt for bulk orders, maintaining transparency in both the online and COD payment options. Its collaboration with top brands such as Decathlon, Mahindra and others have kept the firm brimming with clothing choices.

“We have given our customers the liberty of suggesting designs for their T-shirts as per their preferred quotes, icons, symbols and characters. This way they can express their thoughts, ideas and personality through their clothing. On the other hand, we do fashion up clothes with unique prints, designs and shape that solves the problem of the many who wish to own a distinct wardrobe and stand out from the usual’s,” he adds.

Teezo advances interesting and sportive collection of T-shirts for both men and women belonging to the age group of 20 to 45

The Forward Moves
Teezo Lifestyle has created a niche for itself in the market, witnessing a 40 to 50 per cent Y-O-Y growth in its revenue that supports it to be at a lucrative state. Actuating the business with an order of 500 hundred T-shirts from a tiny office in Mumbai, the business has expanded itself to major cities including Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad increasing its capacity by a substantial amount.

In the light of giving out best quality T-shirts that can help the customers create their own memory, the company continuously endeavouring to expand its genres, add regional items, converse more with the customers to get to analyse their requirement.

To bolster its growth, Teezo Lifestyle is all set to adopt new lucrative ideas and improve both online and offline presence. Down the line, it aims to secure the highest position in the market.