Tekolutions.AI: Technically Evolved Solutions

Vikram Bansal,FounderA technology enthused entrepreneur Vikram Bansal came off with the idea of investing his aptness in engendering great innovation in the technology sector, intending to further perk up and support the futuristic stabs in the industry. Being passionate about aggrandizing the health care sector, he strode towards magnifying the therapeutics procedures and tools. In view of which he decided to take up establishing Tekolutions.AI to dis-cover the potential industry and bring about disruption in the ecosystem by leveraging the latest technological boom fashioned and made available in the market. "The fervour for technology runs in our family. My father has been in the industry for over four decades. His involvement and devotion has encouraged me to pursue M.S from the University of Texas at Austin and a PhD (in progress) from IIT Bombay. As I came across the potential this segment held, I grew more engrossed in exploring and unleashing its power to develop a worthy environment. This thought incited me to establish Tekolutions.AI with the unfailing and ardent of my father K. K. Bansal." Vikram Bansal, Founder, Tekolutions.AI.

How and what does it excels in
Adhering to the legacy of its parent company Prodyogic technologies, Tekolutions has dedicated itself in skilfully crafting out ground-breaking and felicitous technology solutions, particularly zooming in its
attention in measuring up the hest of the AI and Data Analytics space. Giving consideration to the needs of the industry, the company puts forward an array of representative products ranging from Form OCR Tool, Search Engine, Personality Insights Application, Deep learning Chatbot, Medical AI Tool, Educational LMS and so forth. "The technology sector is ever evolving. The space is so liberal and hospitable to any productive and beneficial innovation, idea or techniques. This is in fact the captivating aspect of this industry that keeps technocrats like us to continue shaping up stellar technological products and services. And in Tekolutions.AI we come up with novelty offerings that suit the desideratum of our clients," he says.

Tekolutions.AI centralizes its consulting and development up and running in five major domains covering Healthcare, Educational Technology, E-Commerce, Finance, and Telecommunication. And sticking to its objective of bringing significant stimulation in each of these sectors, the company has been advancing capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Project Management, Software Architecture, Mobile Phone Applications and many more. "No demand or choices are alike, different industries have different needs. So before moulding up a solution we do spend ample time to apprehend what exactly the client actually wants. It is only after thorough analysis that we come up with the best product that meets the objectives of the clients," he adds.
The Journey
Tekolutions.AI's expedition to create a technology equip world has been a fascinating one. In the last four years it has not only developed marvellous technology products but has served many big wheels as well as startups of the industry such as Pivot Industries, Data1Qbit, Kores India, Metflux, Lo-kavidya Technologies,, and many others. The company has advanced its services to both national and international clients which helped it gain recognition across the nation as well as overseas. This status boosted its revenue growth to about 100 per cent year-on-year. Tekolutions.AI's success depends on the entire team that plays a major role and to keep them contended the firm provides them a work environment that promotes extreme dedication, commitment and focus. The company observes absolute equality in terms of respect, transparency and honesty. "The entire team at Tekolutions.AI has played a major role in this journey and to keep them content we provide them a healthy environment to perform and flourish," he avers.

For the future, the prime mover of the company has decided to fix its focus on building up innovative and most advantageous products and services which will positively transfigure the healthcare and wellness ecosystem.