TenJump: Crafting Digital Business

Saurabh Ramdorai,CEOA genus of start-up enthusiast's embarked on pacifying the pitfalls in the entrepreneurial expedition of aspiring enterprisers. They stepped forward to shrug off the deterrents that intervene the operation of turning an idea into a fully developed business. Taking note of the present stature of start-ups in the ecosystem, the originators have constructed TenJump- a first of its kind end to end e-Commerce solutions & support that acts as a single window that bestows tactics for setting up businesses in the online dais.

The prime movers made their debut in the industry with mGinger in the year 2007. This project was later acquired by Value first in 2013. They did not give their endeavours any hiatus, instead they plunged to venture into the digital marketing domain and laid the foundation of Trade2Online the very next year. Their mastery and experience over the digital and marketing domains empowered them to reach the pinnacle of success in no time. It was during this phase that they came across the essential every small and medium retail business requires in order to evolve and leave an impressive mark in the market. Perceiving the various entails, the founders came up TenJump.

The company focuses on boon helping every SME as well as Large enterprises who inspires to bloom in the e-Commerce space.
"We observed that most mid and small business owners would not easily adapt to the new DOIT-YOURSELF tools and plug-ins that were getting deployed on the internet every day. So we came up with the idea to associate with these businesses and help them as well as ourselves in creating additional revenue using the latest tools & plugins," states Saurabh Ramdorai, CEO of TenJump.

The Offerings
The trajectory for setting up a well-established firm is not as easy as falling off a log, the process require a shrewd guidance and fortification. Giving consideration to, TenJump has been crafting solutions all sorts of services based on the needs and requirements of the organizations belonging to different verticals. The company intrinsically advances a horde of services that facilitates end to end e-Commerce solutions, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and other spaces that has the potential to support businesses to enhance their online presence and fortify their roots in the industry.

TenJump has been crafting solutions all sorts of services based on the needs and requirements of the organizations belonging to different verticals

Above and beyond, it also has dab hands in engineering Software Development, Mobile Application, B2B as well as B2C models for companies manoeuvring in the eCommerce platform, devises Customer Relationship Management, and other relevant services as well. "Considering the business type and understanding their requirements we devise different services. We have clients from different domain for instance the Real Estate, Retail, On Demand Services, BFSI Aggregators, Importers and others. The services crafted are different from each other but are efficacious and guarantees positive outcome," he adds.

How has been its Journey
TenJump seems to be born under a lucky star. It is not only raised by industry oracles but its activities are handled by best talents in the industry who contrive the best solutions and stratagems that help them as well as their clients to procure their targets. This brilliant team is all set to widen its scopes and business both in the national and international level. It aspires to increase its client base by serving more than 1000 organizations.