Tentackles Strategic Design: Converting Digital Solutions into Real Life Experiences

Kishan Kumar, CEO and Founder,Kailash Prasad Sah, Co-founderThe upsurge of technological evolution has not only been refurbishing the nomenclature of the industry prolifically but it has also led to the rising demand for UI/UX skills globally, where the demand often out weighs the supply for skilled UX professionals. With a notion to cater to this perennial domain adequately, Tentackles Strategic design was established in 2018 by Kailash Prasad Sah and Kishan Kumar. Growing exponentially since its inception, the company has been working seamlessly to set new bars of proficiency in the field of UI/UX design under the guidance of intuitive and experienced industry leaders. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Tentackles Strategic Design has been rising as a reputed brand in the country for creating a dramatic shift in design and development by introducing disruptive UI/UX in strategic design plans.

Tackling the Problems
Ensuring all digital services to enhance disruptive de-sign under one umbrella, Tentackles has been providing seamless services related to User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Responsive Web Design, App Design and Development, Website Design and Development, E-Commerce Website Design and Development, Animation and Interaction Design, Naming, Branding and Identity, SEO and Adwords, Server, Domain and Email Management, Skill Development, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Equipped with a team of creators, marketers, and coders focussed on delivering effective digital solutions to businesses, Tentackles helps brands connect with the world through digital experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire.

"As the name `Tentackles' suggests, `tackle problems' is what we do every day ­ which
involves finding solutions through design, creating and developing a compelling user experience, and other solutions that make up the `Ten' tack-les. We have seen that clients are facing challenges in the market to develop a compelling experience. With our UI/UX services our clients have not only gained a dramatic shift in their business goals but have also managed to reach their milestones and communicate better in the market. From the start-ups to MNC we have provided our services and every project has reached commendable growth," states Kishan Kumar, CEO and Founder, Tentackles Strategic Design.

Completing more than 60 projects so far across 22+ industries, Tentackles not only builds UI/UX for clients but also helps in developing customer-centric, creating website/app solutions that deliver tangible business results. "By helping our clients to communicate with digital marketing services and ensuring optimum customer satisfaction, our design process plays a vital role in the disruptive design-based solutions. The most common business requirement that clients approach us to develop their brand digitally and building communication for their products.

Kishan Kumar, CEO and Founder

Our process is followed by four major steps which include `The Strategy' comprising of Business requirements, defining user needs, goals and aspirations, `The Surface' consisting of Information Architecture, Defining Content, `The Skeleton' including Wireframe, Interaction patterns and Global Navigation and lastly `The Surface' withUI and Development. We analyze the projects and provide our suggestions to pitch the process that is required for businesses. We work on the client budgeting and creating the digital product which suits the business requirement," quotes Kishan Kumar.

A Valorous Voyage
Tentackles has a wide range of clientele that includes brands such as Aihiki, Mirare, Reconnect Energy, Datagets, Samatva, DastkariHaat Samiti, Aasma Ventures, Ausfares, Blrlabs, Aqua Dental, Ample Courses, dRSTi, Ayurway, Mojotrack, Minileaves, MilJayega, SlydS and more. "The company started in 2018 with just one employee and one client, and today, it caters to more than 64 clients across United States, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, China, India and other countries, with more than 23 employees. This year, Tentackles plans to launch 2 unique products in the market. We would focus on both products and service, and work only on digital solutions. We are scaling up, targeting new geographies and industries while focusing on our core services," concludes Kishan Kumar.