Separator A Content and Marketing Platform

Neera Kaushal, is a high-quality Content and Marketing platform, designed to measure up the marketing needs of its diverse clients. Tentaran creates & hosts topical, non-controversial, positive & relevant infotainment content that solely accents toward creating meaningful engagement with the audience so as to serve the marketing needs of Brands, State governments& departments and the content aggregators.

The Inception
The initiators of this trailblazing platform have been into this industry for quite a long time. They noticed the rising significance of verticalized content that is more useful and worthwhile for businesses and the audiences alike. Becoming cognizant of this marketing entailment, they made a move towards developing the beta version of Tentaran. The brains behind the institution evaluated verticals for about two years before coming up with the final product. Ever since then, the platform has been continuously improved by adding more relevant content verticals.

Over the years the platform has received significant recognition. The website has an Alexa ranking of around 2000 in India with over 70 Lakh+ Page views in over 300+ Indian cities and 172 countries every month. has touched the score of reaching out to 1.5 Crore+ internet users each month through its website and social media platforms which are increasing at a frantic pace with each passing month. The matter to bring to focus is that made its way to the Top 100 Indian News
Websites on the Web where it held the 20th position. Over 95 percent of visitors of are from India, where,around 85 percent audience is under the age group of 40. with around 68:32 Male/Female ratio.

The constant guidance and support of ICE Digitals senior management team is to be credited for enabling the venture to be triumphant in establishing its strong foothold in the ecosystem. “It all began in 2011 while ICE Digitals had already been working on content-based travel promotions. During a visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2015, the founders realized that the time will soon be upon us when verticalized content repositories will be of great use to mobile audiences as well as marketers. It is actually at that point in time that we decided to work on the formation of Tentaran in 2016. Our first bid was launching a beta version of our portal which we put in place around mid-2017. And by the first half of 2018, we came up with our main product.” is creating stimulating and engaging content covering diverse verticals and genres ranging from business & general newsbytes, travel, sports, spiritual to health and entertainment articles.

Defined a Content and Marketing platform, Tentaran is putting up stimulating and crisp content covering diverse verticals and genres ranging from business & general newsbytes, travel, sports, spiritual to health and entertainment articles. The basic ideology has always remained to engage the audience of diverse interests, ages, and genres with interesting infotainment bytes around the theme of the modern Indian lifestyle.

The Forward Move
Multiple revenue verticals are being added to the offering of Not only does it aim at incorporating state-of-the-art technology but it also intends to stretch its reach to the international market by expanding in at least one foreign language soon. The design of its campaign reporting formats is going to be very friendly to both digital users/marketers. “Embracing the power of the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence, we are aiming to create a delightful experience for visitors to our website. This will leave a remarkable impact in the space. The effect of these will also be demonstrated through engagements on our social media platforms,” the Founders conclude.

Riding on the above plans, the promoters are raising pre-series A funding at the moment and the response is very encouraging. They aim to move for our series-A funding within financial year 2020.