Terv Pro: Closing Student Equity Gaps & Improving Student Success

Meyyappan Natarajaa,FounderEffective learning is a key component for the growth of students everywhere. However, not many learning or edtech platforms take into consideration that every student learns or understands at the same pace. Bringing to the market an intelligent adaptive learning engine that aligns with the pace, preference and performance of every learner is Terv Pro. A product developed by the company Top Freshers, Terv Pro is a multifaceted learning solution that unleashes the true potential of every learner.

The platform was developed by a group of learning scientists along with technology artisans carrying immense academic and industry experience. The founders analysed data from over 70 higher education institutions and identified the main strategies that can have a significant impact on student success. “In the early days of the company our focus was on building employability skills by carving a niche pedagogical approach to ensure better employability among learners. During this journey we discovered several gaps and challenges faced by the learners, faculties, Educational institutions and also the corporate recruiters,” explains Meyyappan Natarajan, Founder, Terv Pro.

He developed Terv Pro, an all-encompassing, intuitive, and complete solution to address these shortcomings and obstructions. Several Higher Education Institutions & Students use TERV as a virtual lab for their academics; to learn & practice coding

prepare & gauge progress towards employability; and participate in tests/hackathons or coding contests hosted by premier recruiters looking to engage early with the talents on campus. The platform also functions as a one stop destination for stakeholders, delivering selected question sets for practice and sharpening key skills through a guided learning mechanism.

Uniquely Designed Courses & Highly Intuitive Environment
The platform is mainly focused on emphasising interaction and tracking success in real time with more customised, gamified, bite sized curated content. This involves adapting the Blooms taxonomy from level 4 to level 6 and ensuring high industry alignment across all courses. The courses are categorised across: recruitment test preparations, programming skills, behaviour and soft skills, industry-aligned technical skills (hard skills), and future skills Blockchain, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security. Terv collaborates closely with institutions that have established new courses in emerging technologies such as blockchain, B. Tech (Computer Systems/Business Systems) etc.

The uniqueness of Terv.Pro is its guided learning component. Terv guarantees that learners obtain well curated information, resulting in excellence in learning. The market delivers a vast number of uncurated question sets for practice, which can be perplexing for students. Platform solutions are chosen and produced by subject matter experts, while the majority of other platforms and solutions are provided by a peer learning community.

An Extremely Competent Professional Unit
The founder, Meyyappan Natarajan, is a technopreneur who is passionate about enhancing education and boosting student performance. Ganesh S, the CEO, has over 25 years of experience in the educational industry and provides strategic direction to the organisation.

Terv is expanding at a CAGR of more than 16 percent as an organisation. Despite a little snag at the start of the pandemic period, it was able to continue operations and has since experienced tremendous growth. In the preceding 12–15 months, the platform accumulated about half a million users and grew substancially. Recent partnerships with AICTE and Nasscom have ramped up growth and resulted in broad use of Terv.Pro by universities, students, and recruiters. The platform plans to establish full stack development solutions models that support all full stack programming languages in the future by upgrading the platform to enable hosting VR/AR/MR content, making learning an immersive and fascinating activity. The startup intends to synchronize the platform and content with Web 3.0 standards.