TesMus Eduserve: Pioneers And The Only True White Labeled Content Providers For Coaching Institutes

Atul Dubey,Founder & CEO

Atul Dubey

Founder & CEO

India is the youngest country in the world and as the penetration and reach of the internet and mobile phones has been growing exponentially the entire dynamics of imparting and sharing knowledge have seen a drastic change. Education industry and students have been the biggest beneficiaries from this shift. Markets have opened up even for the smallest of the coaching institutes from the remotest of the places.

In the first few years' technologies has evolved when it comes to content delivery, student management software or managing databases However tech is more a novelty but a necessity now. However, there still exists a huge void for quality and relevance content. As Empowered Educators are thriving hard to make their mark, their need for content that not only helps them educate and engage students but also helps them to establish them as a brand has shot up, TesMus Eduserve is filling this gap with their products and services.

Founded in 2019, TesMus Eduserve is a B2B company that specializes in producing 100 percent white-labelled content on demand for coaching institutes of all sizes across the nation in different subjects, forms and formats. TesMus Eduserve is the pioneers and only providers of True white labelled content that works as a marketing collateral as well, they are transforming `Content only for teaching' to `Content also for Branding'.

AtulDubey, Founder and CEO, TesMus Eduserve says, "We are providing our services to the tutors or coaching institutes who are mainly in the field of Govt. Job exams (Bank/SSC/Railways/Teachers/Defence/Civil Services and more.) We offer online and offline products e.g. Mock Tests, e-books, Magazine, Boosters, Daily Quizzes, Printable Books, PPTs. All our products have certain utilities which can redefine the brand image of an institution or an individual tutor."

Strategies Leveraged
In constant communication with its clients, TesMus Eduserve continues to ask what else they need to boost their brand image and help generate more sales. The company continues to create new and better products based on their experiences. TesMus Eduserve has a team of trained competition aspirants and accomplished team leaders to create products, often developing content and designing new products under their supervision. Since the founders have already trained Govt job exams in the category of the officer and also have extensive experience in running such organizations from management roles, they understand both content needs and brand value building resources for any such organizations.

Tesmus eduserve is a B2B company that specializes in producing 100 percent white-labeled content on demand for coaching institutes

As a publisher on various open market platforms, TesMus Eduserve does tie-ups where their True White labelled courses can be imported and sold through reseller networks. Further, Atul adds, "Direct sales team generates and follows leads, which when converted become our long term clients. Also, we offer Technology to Institutes and educators who wish to go digital by providing them with a teaching and management app along with preloaded content to scale up and start operations immediately and conduct content Tie-ups with YouTube channels."

TesMus Eduserve has offered online content to more than 3500 institutes and has accomplished 350 plus offline clients, they have offered services across 26 states and 140 cities. The company has maintained a consistency of 60 percent repeated customers. "Currently, TesMus Eduserve is working only for Govt Job sectors but for the future, we have plans to enter in K12 segment as well. Before that, we have to increase the strength of our in-house sales team and appoint direct sales agencies across 200 major cities Pan India. Our 2021 target is to serve at least 2000 customers with a revenue of 10k per month per customer", Atul signs off.