The Art Spa: Where Art brings Relaxation to the Soul

Sudha Ahuja,Founder
Sudha Ahuja, Founder

Being a part of the corporate world, Sudha Ahuja was always an artist at heart. Since her childhood days, she grew up learning painting and participated in various intra and interstate competitions. When the time came for her to choose between the creative spec over a career path, Sudha set her foot into the corporate world. Nonetheless, her 19+ years of core industry experience and a lump sum salary could not stop her from launching her dream project – The Art Spa.

Founded in 2014,The Art Spa journey began in a humble setting. As a bootstrapped firm, the company’s focus was on developing a platform that would later transform the entire art ecosystem. Along the way, the company hired many talented artists who created some incredible artifacts and home decorative products to the customers. It was an instant hit.

Today, The Art Spa platform offers a gamut of handmade products to its customers. The company is all about creating out-of-the-box designs and products. They do not use molds or dyes, as each product is unique and speaks for itself. “A loyal customer base gives us the inspiration to produce more, ”says Sudha with contentment in her voice. Records show that the customers keep coming back every time expecting for something new. The Art Spa has become a one-stop shop for many interior designers and art enthusiasts. It includes home decor and accessories, furniture, paintings, mural, gifts, wall art,custom

Giving a personalized touch, The Art Spa offers its customers a complete solution in the interior designing space, which includes right from the conceptual design to production. It transforms spaces with original artworks and paintings, customized interior pieces and concept furniture, as per the client’s interests, theme, hobbies, and likings. More than anything, The Art Spa understands the emotions involved before executing any project.

"Based in Mumbai,The Art Spa’s vision for the future is beyond the curation of products, workshop and exhibitions"

Sailing against the wind, The Art Spa is slowly gaining popularity in India and abroad because of its online and offline promotional activities. The company exports products outside India, including Hong Kong, Dubai,and the US. However, with the focus to capture the oversize Indian market, the company is leaving no stones unturned to harness the future growth of the industry. Sudha says “We are looking for a lot of business collaboration in the future to take this platform to a whole new level.”

The Road Ahead of 'The Art Spa'
Based out of Mumbai, The Art Spa’s vision for the future is beyond the curation of products, workshop and exhibitions. It is about creating an ecosystem for upcoming artists and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. Most importantly, it is about promoting the local talent, folk artists and artisans to unleash their potential. “We will do everything to help local talents, who are in a rural village, and remote locations to showcase their art-work to the world,” asserts Sudha.

Currently bootstrapped,The Art Spa is looking for investors and Partners to take the business to a
whole new level. Confident about the future of The Art Spa, Sudha says “In the years to come, there will be a lot of art spa's that will promote different art forms in every corner of the place. It creates a whole different vibe, where people get immersed in the art around them. It will be a game changer in the industry.”

Sudha Ahuja,Founder,The Art Spa
Sudha loves traveling more than anything in this world. She has 19+ years of rich experience in media& communication, starting with photography, print &online media. Throughout her professional stint, she has worked with renowned photographers, media houses & telecom industry which have been a great learning curve for her.

Over the years, She has managed to curate events, exhibition stall designs, collaterals, campaigns, web designing, online strategy, SEO, online marketing and media buy.

At present, She runs two companies, a media house called Creative Chutney and her dream project The Art Spa. In the years to come, she sees herself as a strong resource in handling 360-degree Marketing and Communication activities alongside starting an Art Village, a place where people can come together, cocreate, learn and explore the creative drives.

An Array of Products& Services
• Decor
Signature Collection, Bookend & Book Stand, Candle & T-light Holder, Clocks, Newspaper & Magazine Holder, Photo Frame,
Trays & Platters, Urli, Vase, Wise Bottle Holders and more
• Storage & Organizers
• Lighting
• Mirrors
• Painting & Murals
Acrylic, Folk Art, Murals, Oil, Pastels, Pen/Ink, Water and others
• Wall Art
• Custom Made Art-works
• Workshops, Events & Exhibitions