The Brand March: Making Your Brand Win with Simplified Approach

Pradnya Kakade Singh, Founder of The Brand March, does not believe in doing different things, rather believes in doing things differently. Backed with deeply rooted passion and over a decade of experience in corporate communication, Pradnya a semigeek at heart realized that she could do magic with the brands if she stepped out of her comfort zone of 9-5 job. Working with brands has always energized her, therefore she decided to leave her cozy job and venture into the entrepreneurial world. Constant innovation and much needed push by Priyanka Karnani Wahan(Co-Founder), family, and friends have turned her dream come true in the avatar of The Brand March. The journey of the company began with a thought, transformed into an idea, and marched on to change the fortunes of individuals and companies. The company which was established in 2016 with just one client, today is growing by leaps and bounds and elbowed out to be one of the finest branding and digital marketing providers. Today, it is working with a plethora of clients from MNCs startups, established corporate, professionals, to renowned retailers, and launched new retail brands. Headquartered in Pune, the bootstrapped company within three years of its operation, embraced Mumbai, the U.S., and the Middle East as its next destination to offer its services. Pradnya says, “When one looks at the brighter sides and is optimistic, things start to work in the right direction. I started by taking consulting projects. Over the period, more work started coming in and I collaborated with free lancers to get it done. That’s when the need arises to formalize a company and get going. Since then, there is just no looking back.”

Digital marketing is a vast field with a wide array of new opportunities. The company believes in the power of branding and therefore aims to build strong brands that stand against competition and win market share. It takes pride in offering services including branding from concept to execution, digital marketing, website
development, SEO, online ads management and more. With creativity imbibed in its DNA the company from the beginning got work from references and word-of-mouth. Social media too played a crucial role and helped it to gain a share. “As we kept working and meeting new clients, we realized that there was a lack of awareness of overall branding concepts and digital marketing. People wanted to join the digital era but weren’t sure where to start. This gave us an opportunity to educate our clients. We started takingdigital marketing workshops for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. This step not only got us new business but also gave us an edge to meet and interact with people,”she adds.
Pradnya Kakade Singh, Founder,Priyanka Karnani Wahan, Co-Founder
Pradnya is blessed with a creative and energetic team that has stood still in all the ups and downs of the journey. This passion has gone a long way, where the team has collaborated and worked with clients by planning, discussing, and working together towards achieving a common goal. Over the years, Pradnya and her team never stopped learning, and today they are certified professionals who understand and deliver solutions to their clients. Pradnya is a Google certified professional and the most preferred facilitator for the Digital Unlocked Program.

The Brand March believes in the power of branding and therefore aims to build strong brands that stand against competition and win market share

In forthcoming years, the company strives to work towards adding value and delivering results to its existing clients. It is planning to share its digital expertise with various organizations, individuals, and SMEs by conducting regular workshops.To grow digitally and be the preferred digital partner, it is taking all steps to educate people on the tremendous opportunities and growth. It is also planning to add more clients and expand its regional reach.