The Circle.Work: A Premium, Designed-led, Lifestyle Work Space

Rajiv Bathla, COOAs the new age of working style evolves, offering flexibility for all, the co-working industry is effectively blooming all over the world. This evolution in work culture along with the advent of startups/gig-economy, globally, has enabled co-working spaces to become a desirable setup for professionals.

India is no exception to this phenomenon. Technology has enabled us to be more flexible with our time and location. People can sit in any part of the world and yet work together, at their time and convenience. Besides, there are more entrepreneurs, startups, consultants, freelancers, and definitely more fluid work systems. In a nutshell, the concept of co-working has been lauded by many and the numbers are impressive.

Gurugram based The Circle.Work is one such initiative that was conceptualized out of the need for a collaborative environment for Hunch Ventures' businesses, which has a number of new businesses under its portfolio. In doing so, Karanpal Singh, Founder of The Circle and Hunch Ventures realized that just by getting people together, they had started to find solutions and create synergies. "While we were incubating and given the space that we had created, we saw a business opportunity in opening up our hub to startups and enterprises looking to
leverage The Circle.Work's philosophy, investment and state of the art infrastructure. Today, The Circle.Work has become more than just a work space; it is also about music, humour, conversations, debates, opinions and creativity," enlightens Karanpal.

The Circle.Work is more than just a work space; it is also about music, humour, conversations, debate, opinions and creativity

A design led space with offerings that go beyond any other shared working space providers', The Circle. Work collaborated with organizations such as Delhi Street Art and Resin artist Heerina Misra, who have created brilliant artwork across The Circle.Work's space. As a premium and lifestyle organisation, it also curates special Friday evenings with other artists such as musicians, stand up comedians, amongst many others.

More than a Co-working Facility
The Circle.Work does not identify itself to be a mere co-working facility. While most of such ventures resemble the same nature of functioning, The Circle.Work, spread across 200,000 sq. ft., presents itself as a way of life providing its members a wholesome ecosystem to work and network from. Initiatives such as Friday Socials, networking events, health and fitness pop ups, yoga and cooking sessions are built-in to help bring The Circle community together. Not only this, the company offers flexible working zones, meeting areas with state of the art technology, network infrastructure and spaces for creative energies to flow unimpeded. The facility is a collective of business and entrepreneurial minds, to forge collaborative connections across diverse capabilities. "We have partnered with leading names such as Google, Facebook, Unity Technologies and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and have corporate curated various corporate innovation and incubation programs," informs Rajiv Bathla, Chief Operating Officer The Circle.Work.

What's Next?
The Circle.Work is currently situated in Delhi NCR and has over 50 companies working out of its space. The team intends to expand to the other Tier 1 cities of India. Given the rise of a sharing economy and success of the co-working industry, The Circle is set to launch across other formats which will include aspects of corporate wellness, gig economy. "We are looking at integrating work, play, live for our audience creating value through experiences," Karanpal concludes.