The Coworking Space Andhra Pradesh: Creating a Growth Ready Environment

Narendra Kaveti, Co-Founder & Director, Ramee Roy Reddy, Founder and Director, Swaroop Veluguleti, Director

Co-working space has proved to be an unspeakable boon to the Indian startup and commercial real estate ecosystem. Entrepreneurs forage for suitable and flexible workspace at considerable price without any long term commitment or lease involved to set their ventures rolling. This entailment has not only surged up its popularity but has also put a spurt on the growth of the entire office work space setup. Two industry enthusiasts, Narendra Kaveti and Ramee Roy Reddy deciphered the pronounced nature of this space and proposed to amend the sum and substance of the coworking space or the flexible workplace discipline, expanding its reach from individuals to multinational corporate, from simply being providers to being partners. With this objective they triggered off the establishment of The Co-working Space Andhra Pradesh a flexible workspace provider that aims to provide a complete corporate solution and experience in a comfortable space.

The Outset The prime movers of the organization have great prowess and excellent track record in sales, management and marketing spheres. Synthesizing their expertise they actuated 2nd Universe Com (Business Centre), a professional co-working business centre across Andhra Pradesh. This venture of theirs' eventually evolved as one of the best professional co-working space provider, setting a benchmark in cities like Vijayawada, Tirupati, Nellore and
Visakhapatnam."We understand the emerging trends and needs of the business world. And we want to confer our bents and ideas in the form of flexibility and convenience that would encourage professionals to expand, grow and collaborate,"states Narendra Kaveti, Founder & Director.

Based in Andhra Pradesh, the company is parting various facilities such as plug & play office spaces, personalised reception services, latest digital technologies, central location and other such amenities. Hence the company is ensuring a highend organised office space at a price that is within one's mean. To stay ahead of the curve, the company has gone the extra mile of allowing its members to access its different branch locations through FOC. This helps them to keep a track of the activities taking place while they are away. To further enhance the experience of their occupants, the company confers emotional support and professional encouragement. "We have initiated a venture that is not solely professional; we aim at building a long lasting relationship with our clients, maintain honesty & integrity, and keeping things simple and efficient. Through The Co-working Space Andhra Pradesh we are trying to support entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals," says Ramee Roy Reddy, Founder and Director.

Carving the Way Ahead
The team of two became more powerful when Swaroop Veluguleti allied with the team. The calculated experience of more than 40 years has whittled paths towards success. Till the present day, the company has provided shared serviced office spaces to more than 25 big companies, medium scale organizations and startups to expand their business in Andhra Pradesh. It has gained acute recognition as the best office space provider by all parts of the state and is awarded with 2019 Coworker Members’ Choice Awards Winner.Taking into account these positive responses, the company aims to broaden its scope and size in all directions, covering each and every part of the country. It also intends to add on more products and services like Certified IT & Soft skills/Behavioural Trainings, dispense conferences rooms to enterprises across India with affordable prices and incorporate experienced subject matter experts, highly adaptable delivery methodologies in order meet client’s needs thoroughly. “We lead with the ideology Learn & Evolve. With this we have reached major cities, revolutionizing throughout the nation,”he concludes.