The Go to Guy: Helping Build Brands

Ajay Kulkarni & Dipankar Ghosh,Co-FoundersThe spirit of entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s an approach to life, an everyday decision to do better, push harder and achieve more; something that inspires people to leave behind certainty to pursue theirvision through creativity and entrepreneurship. There are countless stories of people who have reached for the stars and won at life in the process. One such story is of Dipankar Ghosh and Ajay Kulkarni who co-founded The Go-To Guy! After working with several companies, during his stint with one of the startups where they were trying to launch a brand, Dipankar found business consultants making strategy sound overrated, marketing look like a complicated myth and branding feel like an untouchable convict. He wanted to break this norm and show to the world that common sense applied with logic can build, activate and promote brands to its potential. This marked the beginning of The Go-To Guy! Eventually Ajay and Dipankar who built a brand with 400 percent YoY revenue growth in their earlier stint together for a different company, came together again and founded The Go-To Guy! to bring in 30+ years of combined experience in building brands, markets and revenue.

An end to end Brand Marketing & Creative agency, The Go-To Guy! act as rebranding experts experts and marketing evangelists and builds, activates and engages a brand online, offline social and mobile. “From brand
research to positioning; from creating a brand’s identity to building digital assets like websites, marketing collateral, we stitch brand stories that inspire. We manage a client’s social presence and increase engagement using our social media marketing competencies. We are also hands on with digital advertising and have run successful paid campaigns on Google and social channels to generate qualified leads that in turn generate revenue for companies from multiple industries,”says Dipankar.
"The go-to guy! Acts as rebranding experts and marketing evangelists and builds,activates and engages a brand online, offline social and mobile"

The team leaves no stone unturned to market a brand in the right light and ensures that it generates enough momentum to reach escape velocity. They provide effective solutions that focuses on getting the basics rightand simplifies the process so that impressionable brand stories can be told through great visuals and communication on various platforms, thereby increasing profitability and growth of their clientele. “Our design thinking acumen clubbed with ourUX capabilities is at par with the best in the industry. However, we do add our secret sauce to make sure all the products that we design for our clients are sticky! We take the one scroll, one click approach, end result clean, sensible, simple yet engaging design,” he informs.

The go to guy! Has shaped itself as a full-fledged end to end brand and digital agency

The Journey
Embracing the highs and lows, The Go to Guy! has shaped itself as a fullfledged end to end brand and digital agency and eventually has metamorphosed into an omnichannel agency. “We can proudly say that we have come a long way over the last few years and have grown from a 2-member team to a headcount of more than 20. Very recently we set shop in Melbourne Australia with a plan to penetrate and service clients from that region. We are now a Global Agency!” exclaims he.

The team focuses to build stronger presence in India by opening offices in Mumbai and Delhi in the next financial year apart from growing their business in Australia. “We are taking the Partner Led Model, to setup business offices in these new cities, while hiring more talent here in Hyderabad to grow it into a strong Command & Delivery Center,” he concludes.