The Green Planet Healthcare: A Premium Health Company that Ensures Best Child Care in School

Sandeep Kush,Director
Sandeep Kush

The busy and hectic lifestyle of working parents today has directly affected in the raising of their offsprings.Nowadays, parents work round the clock in many fields; they have no time to spend with their children or to entirely focus on their health and those results to serious influence in their mental and physical development of the kids. The need of the hour is preventive health care, especially the kind that caters to children. Foreseeing this many healthcare companies are seizing preventive healthcare as an opportunity and have embarked on the journey to provide school health services right at the school premises. This not only acts as an assistant to the parents but also takes care of a large group of children at one time.

One such company that has brought in the concept of school health service is Gurgaon based The Green Planet (TGP) Healthcare. The brainchild of Sandeep Kush, TGP healthcare aims to provide health services across schools at a very low cost with enabling quality medical facilities. The ideation of TGP Healthcare took place while
Sandeep, a hospital owner came across the huge problem underlying in the healthcare sector, specifically in terms of providing child health needs. Gathering an in-depth insight on the matter, he realized that there was no such single platform that could meet the end needs. Identifying this as the major issue, he decided to tackle it by improving the condition of health in school which eventually led to the founding stone of TGP Healthcare.

"Led by a team of quality healthcare professionals, TGP today has tied up with 10-15 schools in North India and plans to expand across the nation"

“A comprehensive health check service at school will not only reduce the disease burden but also help parents in getting relief in concerned to their child’s health to a large extent. Keeping this in mind, we came up with TGP Healthcare, a platform that conducts health checks and health education right at the school premises,” says Sandeep.

Key Health Product Plans&Services
TGP Healthcare as a premium healthcare company aims to promote, protect and provide school children health along with reducing morbidity in them. The company also ensures to prevent contagious and non-contagious disease and maintain a healthy school environment. Driven by the main agenda to ensure best wellness and child care that caters to the need of the children, TGP fosters health supervision and nutrition programs. It offers three
key product plans -Silver Health Plan, Gold Health Plan,and Platinum Health Plan. Under these plans, the company provides Lab test, general checkups, conducts doctor-visit and also helps in availing best hospital services with discounts. Right from collecting data accordingly to making presentations, conducting training sessions, the company does it all. Sandeep asserts,“We conduct health seminars and hand-out health tip booklets and video materials to students, school fraternity and parents so that they can have a fair knowledge on various health issues, and take better care of them.”

TGP’s exemplary service offerings comprise of well-graded lab facilities, dental care, best & low rate child health plan, school door services, and others. The TGP Healthcare’s plan cost only INR 50 per month. Through its cheapest plan,it not only tries to make health care accessible to all but also believes in delivering quality work through various projects implemented in schools and strive by the motto‘Quality over Quantity’.

Led by a team of quality healthcare professionals, TGP today has tied up with 10-15 schools in North India and plans to expand across the nation. As a bootstrapped venture, the company is trying to promote itself through the social mediums like facebook, twitter, youtube and gradually seek the attention of the investors. By 2020 it wants to grow as a 20 crore healthcare company that is not only helpful for parents but also for the children and their learning outcomes.