The Hocket: A Way of Life!

Anupam Rana,Founder & CEO

Anupam Rana

Founder & CEO

In the present times, more and more people are mi-grating from their home towns to the cities. With this, relocation has become a new trend and has given rise to the concept of renting. The renting market is growing enormously across various avenues where one can rent anything and everything. Being a more economical and convenient choice, people are now doing with buying where they have to shell loads of money and are moving towards renting products for their homes, be it furniture, washing machine or refrigerator. Taking a cue from this prevalence, Anupam Rana thought of creating a platform that will not only provide furniture to people but will also offer them the basic appliances that they would need for their survival while shifting to a new city. And that is how 'The Hocket' came into being. A rental platform for furniture and home appliances, The Hocket is a solution that helps you interact with your home in a better way without having to compromise on anything. "During my college days I had been flying down to Bangalore regularly while having random stay plans when I realised that transit stay in the city is a big problem and getting access to the
furniture was a more grave issue. Sensing the loophole in the system, I came up with the idea of The Hocket where we believe that the majority of India needs to stop looking at a furnished home as a luxury, it's a basic right. Initially, we started with limited basic furniture and then went on to explore options,"says Anupam Rana, Founder& CEO, The Hocket.

The Hocket is a solution that helps you interact with your home in a better way without having to compromise on anything

With the current inventory offering an end to end solution to a middle class person who is seeking acomplete furniture and appliances set, The Hocket offers a varied number of products ranging from refrigerators, washing machine to sofas, bed and study table. The company also offers a package service where you can rent different packages according to your need and budget. In addition to this, the company also offers an array of specialised 'Smart Furniture' which are impressive and beautiful in each of their functions. What more is that you can even own a rented product if you wish to do so just by placing an online request. The platform acknowledges the constraint that a person might face which go beyond monetary aspect and that is why it also offers free relocation anywhere within Bangalore.

Working in a sector where it is tough to reflect on the uniqueness without serving someone, the two major hurdles faced by them were marketing and sales wherein they also had problems while setting up a supply chain. But by building relationships with various quality vendors and continuously evolving in their R&D, the company has now picked up a steady pace in the market and has managed to acquire a loyal customer base for itself. Currently based in Bangalore The Hocket is exploring options of its own production unit which can function on demand and gain better quality control through which it can cater to its customers in a better way. "The Hocket looks at problems beyond simple rentals. As of now, we are focusing on becoming better as a rental company by applying a very humanistic approach to everything we do and also experimenting with various ideas of cost reduction and supply chain management,"he concludes.