The Indus Valley: Redefining the Kitchen Space via Top-notch Healthy Cookware Range

  Madhumitha Udaykumar & Jagadeesh Kumar,    Co-FoundersAt the helm of the Indian kitchenware market, wherein healthy cookware is a highly growing niche, The Indus Valley was Co-Founded by Madhumitha Udaykumar and Jagadeesh Kumar in March 2016 who are committed to selling only health-friendly cookware. The affiliation seed was sown in 2015 when a kitchen mishap with plastic cookware in the oven made the co-founders explore natural cookware. The available options were unhealthy, unreliable, or unavailable. It made them ponder why there isn't a trustworthy healthy cookware brand. This prompted them to establish The Indus Valley.

The Indus Valley is keen on establishing a strong position as a brand that focuses on consumer health and emerging as the leading online player in the H&K category. "We place a major emphasis on creating kitchen products that are made entirely of safe and health-focused materials without any harmful chemicals. With The Indus Valley products, the vision is to make 100 million Indian kitchens safe and healthy", emphasizes Madhumitha Udaykumar.

Since its inception in 2016, The Indus Valley has been winning hearts for selling a diverse assortment of chemical-free cookware. It offers a variety of health-focused cookware made of cast iron, iron, copper, bronze, brass, clay, wood and stainless steel. Bestsellers include cast iron and iron cookware (including deep kadai, tawa, iron pan, extremely smooth cast iron grill pan, and more), tri-ply stainless steel range and wooden kitchenware. When compared to other brands, The Indus Valley products are
of superior quality since the company is very meticulous about utilizing only safe, foodgrade materials that are devoid of chemicals in the manufacture of the cookware. "Each cookware is subjected to hundreds of hours of product testing, including material, food, and taste quality checks. So, one can be completely assured that the cookware they receive from The Indus Valley is of the finest quality", signifies Jagadeesh Kumar.

The Indus Valley has made great strides in its warehouse operations to provide an excellent client experience. The firm is constantly driven to deliver its valued customers nothing less than the best. Advanced technology, automated systems and well-trained employees are all put in place to ensure seamless warehouse operation and product quality. Commencement of shifting a portion of the inventory to third party warehouses(closer to customer location)was one of the path breaking initiatives in the history of field operations in The Indus Valley. This promptly resulted in optimal delivery timelines and reduced RTOs(Return to Origin). In the instance of Amazon, inventories started getting shifted to Amazon warehouses across cities.

The Indus Valley is constantly driven to deliver its valued customers nothing less than the best

Thus far, the firm has covered over 10,000 pin codes in India and gained over 3 lakh consumers. The Indus Valley has gone a long way, from 750 orders in 2018 to over 3 lacks orders to date. The brand has been successful in expanding its reach through innovative business approaches and ethical measures, all for the aim of achieving complete consumer satisfaction. DSG Consumer Partners (DSGCP), Rukam Capital and The Chennai Angels contributed to the company's $1.1 million funding. The invested funds will be utilized to enhance the company's product offering, strengthen its personnel and expand its geographical reach across the country. With a present portfolio of over 230 SKUs(Stock-Keeping Units) in its offerings, The Indus Valley is looking to increase to 1,000 SKUs in the coming months, in addition, to continue expanding its product range. Apart from continuing to provide the greatest shopping experience to its customers, the brand aspires to reach revenue of 300 crores by 2024-25.

Madhumitha Udaykumar, Co-Founder & Jagadeesh Kumar, Co-Founder
Awards & Recognition
•Best Ecommerce Startup of the Year 2021 from FICCI: Stars Awards Summit.
•India's top 10 fastest-growing D2C brands in growth category -Inc42 Media
•Featured on Your Story's 500 Challenger Brands
•Madhumitha Udaykumar, Exemplary Leadership in Indian Startup Ecosystem (2022)- Observe Now: 40 Under 40 Award