The Inside Project: On the Mission of Bringing Circularity in Broken Value Chains of Decor Industry

Sudeshna Sahoo,  Founder & Creative Director

Sudeshna Sahoo

Founder & Creative Director

Much more than impeccable designs, and skillful execution with intact quality, there is an `X' factor that makes home decors and furniture satisfy you from the inside of your heart, which is tough to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often difficult to define. This X factor – precisely, the ‘EXPERIENCE’ factor is perfectly embraced by The Inside Project - a full service furniture brand that stands for elegance, comfort, versatility, and quality.

At present, The Inside Project is recognized as a distinguished partner that elevates your natural surroundings with supreme quality materials. It brings an extraordinary experience of décor and furnishing that are in complete harmony, connected by a symbiotic bond that helps transform your house into the work of an artist.

From European to contemporary American, Mexican, minimalistic Scandinavian, and vibrant Indian styles, the brand takes inspiration from various cultures and people, just to make your home look – Heavenly! It specializes in theme-based styling and every project carries a story line both in terms of look and feel. The brand’s choice of products and accessories such as Seating, Outdoor Sets, Lights & Lanterns, Tables, Storage
Organisers, and more are ensured to well coordinate and complement everything around.

Being Good For Earth
At The Inside Project, service is more about customer satisfaction, loyalty, and professionalism along with social responsibility. “We bring to the market an exceptional range of products that are sustainable and eco-friendly while being luxurious to our customers. We build products that are good for both homes and our planet,” says Sudeshna Sahoo, Founder and Creative Director.

As a person determined to drive change and associate with sustainable businesses, Sudeshna is encouraging the Gen Z and upcoming generation to focus on recycling and sustainability. She believes that Eco-Friendly will be the new trend. For which, she along with her team is working day in and day out.

The company encourages Indian artisans; all its products are hand-made, strongly rooting for the Make in India movement. “We encourage artisans who have a distinct style and focus on promoting Indian products. Our artisans are slightly less educationally qualified but are extremely skilled in craftsmanship. With that said, we are striving to reach a bigger community and give them a platform to present their skills.

The Pain Points
Speaking of the inception story of The Inside project, Sudeshna says, “Every business idea is a giant problem- solving effort, and mine is too. The triggering point was when I learned that each year more than 12 million tons of furniture are out to the market but only a small percentage is being recycled, according to Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks to the diversity of materials! As a result, more than 9 million tons of wood, metal, and fabric waste ends-up in landfills. Now, there are many green efforts abroad, not as much in our country. Apart from this, I also recognized that there are many players in the market for indoor furnishing but outdoor furnishing has very limited options. I thought this could be an opportunity to bring more styles while being environmentally conscious.

Words of Gratitude
I am grateful to my family; especially, my husband Ketan Vajir who has been a strong pillar of support.I also owe a great deal of appreciation to my team; Aishwarya Kunduand Vatsal Parmar who have been the back bone of this business.