The Mumum Co.: 100 Percent Natural, Healthy Snacks For Kids

Shreya Lamba, Co-founder,Farah Nathani Menzies, Founder

Shreya Lamba, Co-founder

Farah Nathani Menzies, Founder

The story of The Mumum Co. is about two mums, Farah and Shreya, on a mission to create healthy and tasty snacking alternatives for kids. "When I became a mother I noticed two things ­ that kids eat lots of small meals often (i.e. they snack a lot!) and that the options for ready-to-eat, natural, preservative-free snacks in India were non-existent. When we travelled abroad we were able to find yummy and healthy options with no sugar and no preservatives but the `healthy snacks for kids' category in India was non-existent." shares Farah.

In 2016 Farah met Shreya Lamba, Co-founder at The Mommy Network who shared the same vision. Together, they began their entrepreneurial journey driven by the mission of changing snacking in India. Together they have created an entire range of daily and weekly snack boxes for children which are healthy, wholesome and fun.

At The Mumum Co, these two mothers are aiming to build a sustainable and long-lasting brand for children ­ based on a very strong Mum's Promise of No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavours, No Added Colour, No Gluten, No Maida: No Junk!

While taking on the large FMCG behemoths is not an easy task, the products made by The Mumum Co. speak for themselves. "Building a scalable food brand in the Indian manufacturing landscape is challenging. While contract manufacturing capabilities exist for standard products there is limited expertise available in the market for innovative products like ours. We have launched novelproducts under The Mumum Co. umbrella and have spent the last two years building high quality, automated processes at the back end to ensure that we
always provide the highest quality products for children across the country."adds Shreya.

Aligned to its vision of creating an entire range of goodness that helps parents with their daily and weekly snack boxes, The Mumum Co. has three product lines in the market; Cool Crunchies - multi-grain puffs made with Ragi, Jowar and Corn tossed with real fruit and vegetable powders; Mighty Melties­a smoothie in a bag made with 100% real fruit simple blended and freeze dried, a technique that preserves the nutrients of a fruit really well. It's the same technology used for astronaut food! The newest addition to the product portfolio are the Punchy Protein Puffs - made with Indian super grains, Amaranth (Rajgira) andJowar. "We go one step further by focusing on functional attributes for the aware parent ­ by using Indian super grains like Amaranth, Jowar and Ragi along with real fruits and vegetables, we maximize the natural nourishment in each bite. We have worked with paediatricians and food scientists to make sure that each Mumum snack pack is equivalent to a whole serving for a child ­ a ready to go snack on the move," adds Farah.

What's Next!
The Mumum Co. was launched two years ago and today has a presence across 200 stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune including large retail chains such as Nature's Basket, Foodhall and Modern Bazaar. "We retail online at Amazon, Big Basket, FirstCry, Scootsy, BabyChakra and other third party platforms as well as our own website," adds Shreya.

The Mumum Company is built on a Mum's promise of No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavours, No Added Colour, No Gluten, No Maida: No Junk! Only 100% natural and healthy snacks

Over the next year, The Mumum Co. plans to expand its presence across more tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India and continues to serve more pin codes across the country through their online channels. In addition, the company will continue to expand its range of products to further serve a wider range of snacking flavours and textures, thus creating an entire range of goodness that helps parents with daily and weekly snacking needs of their children. So look out for them on shelves near you!