The No Name Company: Incorporating Latest Technologies to be the Best in Organic Product Market

Kalpana Agrawal,Founder & CEO

Kalpana Agrawal

Founder & CEO

The No Name Company is a white label garment manufacturer that was born out of a vision to bring organic and sustainable products to the mainstream. Instead of just boutiques and start-ups, the founders of the company wanted to encourage all large and mid-size brands who are thought leaders in the industry to understand that in the long term, sustainable products and business practices would be more profitable as well as resilient to the market dynamics in a fast-changing world. Today almost 30% of The NoName Company's production is made of organic and recycled materials and the company hopes that by 2025, over 75 percent of their production will be organic and recycled.

A Notch Above the Rest
The quality of their services has helped the company to not only build a positive reputation in the industry, but it has also helped them to create a niche in the market. "We are a bridge between large and midsize fashion brands world-wide, and factories that care for the environment. Our focus is on scalable, large scale production, using organic & recycled materials and environment friendly production processes.

The services we offer include end-to-end garment manufacturing, starting with design and pattern making, merchandising, sourcing
fabrics & raw mate-rials, production, quality control & inspection, documentation and logistics. We work with third party certified manufacturing units whom we select after intensive due diligence and verification. We continuously invest in training and guiding them on aspects of quality and efficiency and we also verify and approve the other raw material suppliers for zips, buttons, threads, and printing to name a few. Our expert merchants, are the custodians of our production process.

They are well trained and follow strict SOPs for production, which go far beyond the normal standards. For example, at every step of the production, we share 360-degree videos with the client, which help them understand the exact stage at which their order is, and how it is progressing. This also saves time, logistic cost and the environmental impact", avers Kalpana Agrawal, who is the Founder and CEO of TheNoName Company.

The commitment to never com-promise on the quality of their offerings and at the same time, the company's attitude to strive for consistent improvement has also helped The NoName Company to create and maintain an impressive clientele which includes some of the top names in the industry.

The Road Ahead
When asked about the future road map of the company, Kalpana says, "We have already experimented with many unique models during the Covid-19 phase. Some of the areas that we intend to pursue further and grow in the coming years include Local representation, technology and network. We have authorized business partners in several countries who act as the face of The NoName Company in their respective markets. They help co-ordinate with clients and resolve their problems locally and fast."

The company has developed a unique technology whereby customers can just submit a picture of what they like, maybe even shot on the street and our backend AI can convert that into a production friendly design. The NoName Company intends to develop this tech throughout the production process to keep reducing the need for sending physical samples, saving time, cost and environmental impact.

The company is also in advanced stages of discussions in several countries to start local experience centres, where customers can look, feel, experience the fabrics, raw material and finished garments and share their actual requirements through Video conferencing and discussion with our expert merchants. "Through all this, we want to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole and create a legacy as a sustainable garment manufacturer and wholesaler," concludes Kalpana.