The North Street: Housing the Trendiest Collection for Limited Edition Sneaker

Ritesh Bajaj,  Founder

Ritesh Bajaj


The fashion landscape was all set to be totally different when the pop culture kicked in, and introduced streetwear to the global audience. The fashion industry has a difficult time pinpointing exactly what qualifies as streetwear style. This is because the consumer base is much more diverse. Streetwear can be considered a status symbol that represents expensive brands as logos on the front, or basically, simple and comfortable apparel donned by the celebrities on streets. On its surface, the definition of streetwear is deceptively simple, something that’s just your personal style. Global fashion has long ago embarked its influence on the Indian fashion industry and thus street wear continues to be one of the most kinds of sported, even in the formal setups today.

Founded in 2019, The North Street is a brand that primarily deals with limited-edition sneakers in its fashion offerings. The brand has the biggest store in South India that has the coolest collection to shop from. It also has an online platform in its name that attracts more orders across India.

Fastest Shipping Across India
With the development of the nation’s logistics support and digitalization, it became easier to spot our favorite things and get them delivered at our doorstep. The process is as simple and convenient, as within a manner
of few clicks, the things that people like become the things that they own. Digitalisation has paced in India on a much larger scale than expected and as far as big brands are concerned, it became easier for them to attract customers through websites than physical stores.

"The North Street has leveraged the opportunity to the best when it came down to delivering the best customer experience on the website. The best part that can be counted as the USP of the brand is the fastest shipping model, which the company strongly focuses on, which differentiates it from the other contemporaries in the market”, says Ritesh Bajaj, Founder, The North Street.

For all limited edition sneaker lovers out there, The North Street has got you covered being the only destination that delivers you the best within the shortest span

Limited Edition apparel has its own fanbase. There are fanatics all over the world, that are spending heavily to own their favorite limited edition apparel or accessories. In India, the craze is no different, though there are some brands that can be deceptive in their offerings by selling first-copy products. The North Street is an authentic store that sells quality and authentic products to its customers. Mostly, the credit goes to the licensed store inventory backup that it has, which makes it a dependable option to shop from. The North Street has the largest inventory of products, unlike others that import on an order basis and take more time to deliver. This leverages better and speedier customer fulfillment than the others in the league. The brand maintains a record of shipping the products within five days from the day of the order placement.

Six - Stage Quality Testing
On the quality front, The North Street maintains a high benchmark in the quality of deliverables for its customers. The products have to pass a six-stage quality screening to get the final approval for dispatch, before reaching the end consumer. “The growth phase for the brand has been overwhelming since the start. It was during the covid when we received the most orders as the customers were willing to spend more during the time. Ever since then, we have been growing 5x in terms of numbers and we closed the last year at 15x”, says Ritesh. In the next six months, The North Street has invested in some expansion plans with a second store. It also plans to go global.