The Nosh House: Reforming India's Cloud Kitchen System through Unique & Fresh Products

 Sharad Agarwal ,  FounderThe term cloud kitchen is gaining a lot of prominence and recognition the world over. While the business of establishing a 'delivery only' F& B establishment seems fairly new, the concept has existed for a very long time in India. The traditional 'dabba' or 'tiffin' system has been quite widely compared to this concept, and holds the same business model. With this, Cloud Kitchens had indeed developed a tried and true, fruitful business model in India, that had acquired significant traction as a result of the epidemic and had since been updated with cutting-edge technical support. Industry analysts predict that the Indian market for food delivery services will grow by double to $13 billion by 2025 and that the Indian cloud service market will grow from $400 million in 2019 to $2 billion by 2024.

Although the epidemic served as a catalyst for the big shift in the Indian food and beverage industry from dine-in to delivering, there were several other contributing factors towards its explosive development in India, most notably the upsurge of mobile app based takeout and food ordering intermediaries as well as internet penetration of the internet and business system integration. The Nosh House is a modern cloud kitchen that was established in 2017, and headquartered in Bangalore. This cloud kitchen delivers delicious, fresh cuisine with clean labels through internet channels.

Services & Products
The Nosh House had a strong conviction in the concept right from the initial stage. Since then, it has solidified its position as a top choice for those looking for wholesome, modern cuisine. With widespread citywide patronage, it has established itself as a premium hyperlocal brand. “It's the trust that customers have on our clean label food and hygiene practices, that even during the pandemic we did relatively well, we did not have to let go of even a single team member.
What sets us apart from other players is the focus we have on the freshness, authenticity, ingredients and newness of our food", shares Sharad Agarwal, Founder, The Nosh House.

TNH believes in the authenticity of food. Every ingredient comes from the finest brands in the nation. Everything is created inhouse for complete quality control, from breads to sauces. The menu's mainstays have always been novelty and inventiveness. An instance was the introduction of Baked Gujiya, a baked variation of the traditional deep-fried Indian treat, scoring better on flavor and health quotient, winning admirers across the city. The company also keeps revamping its menu each month with new items."I believe one should never compromise with the core of their business, that is food. Everything else, be it marketing, social media or any other function can take the back seat. A large chunk of my time is spent in menu planning, tasting sessions and quality control, and this is how I intend to run the show always", further adds Sharad.

What sets us apart from other players is the focus we have on the freshness, authenticity, ingredients and newness of our food

TNH is serving modern world, Indian, and fusion food, whether it be decadent treats or specific diets like Vegan & Gluten-free. The products also don't contain any artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. The Nosh House is currently considering having some physical presence as well for brand activation, especially through cafés inside corporate food courts, like the Flipkart Office and the Embassy Tech Village, making it a hybrid strategy. However, cloud kitchens will continue to be a mainstay and play a significant role in the growth model.

Modern, new-age cuisine is a passion of TNH. Their multinational cuisine includes meals from Thailand, Mexico, the Middle East, the United States, and Spain, but as continental food is their mainstay, it contains a disproportionate number of dishes from that region. Customers began to associate TNH with this food, which helped the company achieve their first major early success as a brand. Parfaits, open face sandwiches, baked casseroles, meal bowls and pastas, iced teas, smoothies, cold brews, and a variety of other foods are available at TNH. The brand recently launched an Indian food segment which was a big gamble given the brand's image as being associated with western cuisine. However, this endeavor also proved successful thanks to the tried and true methods adopted by the team.

Future Roadmap
The company has ambitious growth plans for the upcoming year, including the opening of kitchens in Marathahalli, Whitefield, Mahadevpura, Electronic City, and Koramangala. Additionally, it would actively seek out opportunities in commercial food courts with an eye toward 8­10 outlets. Fundraising would be the main strategy for the coming year. Although investor inquiries have been made about the company, which is now bootstrapped, it has not yet been explored due to worries about bandwidth and preparedness. To drive the business's expansion aspirations, however, next year is set aside for this. The organization's development will be propelled by team development and technology as the focal areas for the coming years.