The Practice Centre: The Go-To Partner For All HR Consulting Services

  Ranjeev Lahkar, Harjinder Sidhu, Arnab Mitra,   Founding PartnersHyrbid work has compelled HR departments to formulate new strategies & policies to manage the workforce and related processes efficiently. The past few years have seen the emergence of a new breed of innovative HR consulting firms that are driving the industry from the front.

Standing tall among such new age firms, is Mumbai based "The Practice Centre". Founded in 2021 by Arnab Mitra, Ranjeev Lahkar, and Harjinder Sidhu, The Practice Centre is an HR consulting firm that has created a niche for itself through its profound understanding of the industry, and a blend of practical design with robust implementation.

All three are XLRI Jamshedpur graduates of 2000 with a 25 year old friendship. They were successful CHROs in multi billion dollar global companies in three different industries when self reflection on professional & personal ethos led to conversations, possibilities, clarity, and finally, The Practice Centre.

The Practice Centre offers services mainly in three areas ­ Executive Search, HR Advisory, and CSR Advisory. The company considers Executive Search as its flagship offering.Keeping client satisfaction as paramount, The Practice Centre focuses not just on fulfilling the mandate but also on finding a candidate whose personal & professional goals and values match those of the organization.

"We specialize in CXO level searches. We provide solutions for HR processes across
the hire to retire employee life cycle. In CSR Advisory we enable clients to engage with the right partners for the implementation of their CSR strategy, especially in the area of skill-building. We are lean, pragmatic, and always learning", adds Ranjeev Lahkar, Co-founder, The Practice Centre.

"It is said that 'every crisis presents an opportunity', and we wanted to do something with the 60+ years of our collective HR experience. We decided to offer our diverse experience to companies that value the transformative nature of human capital. Our competitive advantage has been the wide network, of ex-colleagues, XLRI alumni, and other satisfied clients who have played a role in referring us. And we never compromise delivery for growth", says Arnab Mitra, Co-founder, The Practice Centre.

Standing true to its tagline 'Engage, Execute, Enable', The Practice Centre first interacts with the client & its HR team & clearly understands their requirements

"We also collaborate with industry experts in HR technology and Agile WOW to deliver a mix of solutions. The gig economy especially in knowledge intensive industries is growing rapidly. We tap into this pool of talent and bring them on board to supplement our team and ensure the quality delivery to our clients", adds Arnab.

Standing true to its tagline 'Engage, Execute, Enable', The Practice Centre first interacts with the client & its HR team and clearly understands their requirements. Post this, it leverages various tools & techniques, enabling the client to have enhanced productivity and process efficiency in the long run.

"We provide integrated solutions that are ethical and sustainable from a long term perspective. Unless the client specifically wants to outsource a certain service to us, our endeavor is to eliminate the need for the same service in the short to midterm. We would rather work on newer areas with the client and be a part of their evolution", explains Harjinder Sidhu, Co-founder, The Practice Centre.

The Way Forward
The Practice Centre plans to reach out to highpotential SMEs, in the Rs. 500-2000 crore turnover bracket. The firm aspires to partner with and be part of the growth story, of a set of hungry and dynamic emerging companies. It offers off the shelf products around HR policies, practices, processes, and also HR strategy & leadership support.

Arnab, Ranjeev & Sidhu live in Mumbai, Guwahati & Shimla respectively. They truly believe they are bringing real human resource solutions and doing this while living with balance.