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Rahul Singh,Founder & CEO

Rahul Singh

Founder & CEO

Rahul Singh, Founder of The Publicity Dude, is a passionate brand advocate who enjoys the dynamic process of transforming businesses into brands that capture the limelight. Having started his career as a business columnist with a few companies in India and the US, he published several write ups on business, marketing, and PR culture among others. Recognizing the immense reach of his value-based and compelling content, a founder of a reputed Delhi-based company approached him to feature his work in a publication. Rahul recognized this as a golden opportunity as he was paid for something he aspired to do. As media culture was not familiar to him, he approached several business leaders and PR professionals he got in touch with few of the biggies in the market and ventured into the PR space to help brands by providing 360-degree consulting solutions.

Personally, Rahul was inspired by how publicists work in the US to craft success stories for businesses and he wanted to implement the same process and re-invigorate the system in India as well. He steadily analyzed the market observed the way it functioned and realized that he is into an industry that is strong, sundry and has potential enough to grow as an important market in the future. Thats when he decided to start some thing of his own. This marked the beginning of The Publicity Dude in the year 2017.

As a media PR company, The Publicity Dude helps SME’s get more media exposure and
uses it to boost image and credibility in the eyes of consumers. The team possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge to make business’ relations with its clients, media, partners and other associates better and stronger through solid execution of the strategic plans and projects. They have worked with a diverse set of clients belonging to the finance, insurance, education, and legal sectors. The team is technologically proficient and it is reflected in their tasks like proofreading articles, strategy making, and others. They have adapted certain tools that are developed internally to automate the system based on the data points obtained from the Internet to give appropriate keywords, suggest headlines and provide details on the trends which help them to curate content aligned to the client’s needs.

The publicity dude helps SME’S get more media exposure and uses IT to boost image and credibility in the eyes of consumers

The Publicity Dude also follows neuro marketing by assisting companies in calculating the risks and eliminating them. It uses different simulations for several activities like distribution of press releases, tracking the coverage and many more. Though it offers various solutions such as Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Positioning, Corporate Communication, Influencer Marketing, and others, it concentrates on improved Public Relations services to enhance business driven communication.

The Team & Work Culture
Rahul believes a major reason behind a company's success is the team that works towards a common organizational goal. Throwing light on the competent team, he says, “We together strive to drive the business while helping brands to reach a wider audience. We work as a family and love what we do. We don’t hire people just to increase the workforce number,quality takes precedence over quantity” The company doesn’t follow a hierarchical system each employee is a multitasker and they have several activities to keep the employees motivated which allow them to think positively.

Brighter Days Ahead
The company has come a long way since its inception. Having honed their skills, the team looks forward to formulating winning strategic communications for an ever more diverse set of clients. In the coming years, it has plans to expand its operation and build ‘brands’ across the globe. While the company has placed its footprints at a PAN India level, it aims to build multiple subsidiaries in Bangalore by 2021 as well as Delhi, Mumbai, and South East Asian countries. Global offices in Hong Kong and NYC is also on the cards as they are the leading business hubs with key players involved in a plethora of domains.