The Quartile Company: Solving All Things HR

Aravind Shankar,Manager & Talent Advisor

Aravind Shankar

Manager & Talent Advisor

The Quartile Company (TQC) was ideated as a boutique full-stack HR Advisory firm that partners with high growth Startups and VC firms in India, SE Asia, and Europe to solve all HR needs. Recognizing that the business setup is dominated by a nimble startup model, which relies heavily on the modularity of its core functions, TQC channels its broad range of expertise, having engaged and studied the operational structures and nuances of HR requirements across a diverse portfolio of organizational setups.

Speaking about the inception of TQC, Alex Perter, Founder & Director says, "Having led various HR initiatives in Investment Banking, Gaming, SaaS, and Venture Capital; I felt it was the right time to venture out. I was plugged into the startup journey very early in India and this helped me to understand general HR issues, gain insights into challenges in hiring and build an incredible network. I started alone in April 2018 and very quickly built enough corpus by June 2018 to find a co-founder- AnithaRavindra."

The Team and Culture
The company runs on a Mantra that "Everyone is a CEO", ensuring very high ownership. Team TQC is extremely nimble that works hard and parties harder. "We operate at breakneck speeds and hence have created policies conducive to it ­ we have
quarterly offsites & appraisals; we have world-class policies around referrals, leaves, etc," says Anitha, Co-founder.

TQC is one of the first companies to offer HR as a Service. "HaaS means our employees embed into companies for a specified tenure (2-3 months) and end up taking over their HR function completely," mentions Sushmitha Suresh, Chief of Staff at TQC.

The Roadmap
The next phase looks very exciting to TQC as they are building an ex-citing product called ENABL which will change the game of hiring altogether. In this year, the company's focus will shift from a services mentality to a product mentality and will hopefully introduce the concept of workation officially. "With the ad-vent of vaccines, we will hopefully be in a better position to get back to our offices. If one thing, the pandemic has taught us, it is to be kind-er and considerate. It also helped innovate on working styles and models; who knows, maybe we will never need an office," he informs.

Anubhav Kumar, Executive Director, TargetHR, "Our journey with TQC started amid the pandemic. Partnering with TQC opened up a lot for us and impacted us at different levels.

The plethora of clients and key positions we have gotten to work on, through them, has made work extremely interesting for my team. Niche hiring and senior hiring are rarely done very well and I can confidently say that TQC is one company that knows how to do it well. TQC has clear-cut processes at each level. They are highly professional and timely in their promises. They walk the talk.

All in all, I can say that TargetHR has been elevated to new heights because of this collaboration. They have also pushed us to try new things and succeed."

Siby Joseph Vice President ­ Permanent Recruitment & RPO, First Meridian, "We've been associated with The Quartile Company for almost a year now, and the journey so far has been great. We are amazed by the work TQC is involved in and their approach in empowering young founders with the best talent strategy to support their long-term plans.

They are renowned for their extensive industry knowledge, hands-on approach, eye for detail, and time spent on candidate detailing and mapping. We are committed to continuing this journey. Great work by Alex, Anitha, and team,"