The Rook India: Co - Working & Beyond

Dharmendra Kalita, Founder & CEO

Dharmendra Kalita

Founder & CEO

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship requires a lot of conviction and determination and the tenacity to take risks and face hurdles. When taking this big leap, one has to navigate through a number of challenges like time management, investment and infrastructure. Such is the story of Dharmendra Kalita, a young entrepreneur, who decided to plunge into this field with his maiden entrepreneurial venture, The Rook India, a premium co-working solution provider for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

With an experience of 10 years in the IT industry which includes experience in major MNCs, Dharmendra knew what clients needed and decided to offer them the same through The Rook. Notwithstanding the rapid mushrooming of co-working startups, the company has been able to capture the market with its one stop shop for all office related requirements, be it office space or recruiting people for clients. "Anyone having an entrepreneurial ambition can be benefitted from this. It's not just a realestate business as many may think it is lot more than that," he says.

Having been associated with co-working for some time as an investor in a small partnership firm, while continuing his IT job in Bangalore, the growing need for workspace in space constrained Bangalore pushed him to explore solutions and lead to the establishment of The Rook India. In the initial days of establishment, the company faced numerous challenges, the most pressing being time management and lack of sufficient business knowledge. Not knowing enough about finance and marketing proved to be a problem but Dharmendra made sure that he spent enough time studying these necessary traits to further develop his venture. Guided by his seniors and colleagues on various aspects of entrepreneurship, he soon secured the first round of funding from angel investment.

The Rook India is a premium home-grown co-working solution provider that builds The Rook for businesses of all sizes

Redefining the co-working space, the company at present provides various services that are required by any startup or any company. From a flexible workspace to private cabins or fully customisable managed office, The Rook India has something for everybody from freelancers to startups to small or medium businesses. "I always wanted to do something which has a broader impact and this seemed to be the best option because apart from being a dynamic business it helps people realize their dreams,"maintains Dharmendra.

In just a few months of its establishment, The Rook India has gathered great momentum with its service running 24/7 and the first facility getting filled very fast. The reasons behind the growth of the venture are its flexibility and networking that tends to take away the liability of setting up a fullfledged office for any firm. With its special deals and discounts, the company has also received exciting response from its clients. The company is now looking forward to expanding its services not only in the regular office space solution domain but also in other important business services as well. The Rook India is a perfect example of a plug-n-play office that offers all the required amenities from an open work space to a separate cabin where you just walk-in and start working.