The Singh Consultancy: Helps to Pick the Best People for Your Company

Puneet Singh & Ruchi Pahuja Pesricha,    Co-FoundersClassified as a pandemic baby by Puneet Singh, Co-Founder of The Singh Consultancy, this organization, still in its nascent stage; is bringing about some much-needed changes in the recruitment domain. Having an extensive experience in the travel and hospitality industry, Puneet Singh Pesricha, set out to start his own venture in 2019, along with his wife, Ruchi Pahuja. With the principal focus – “connecting the qualified candidates with the hiring companies” in the most hassle-freeway possible to ensure a quality experience for both the parties.

Despite starting operations amid the pandemic, The Singh Consultancy grew from a team of two to a team of ten. This is the result of their success in delivering the desired results for clients, translating into trusted long-term relationships. The firm’s dedication and quick turnaround time is what their clients appreciate the most, along with quality results. In their effort to provide quick solutions, The Singh Consultancy does not compromise on quality. In fact, they have adopted a comprehensive process of finding the ideal candidate pool for every organization that approaches them.

Blooming On Unique Process And USPs
Upon receiving a client’s request, the team goes through the job description to understand the client’s requirements. They then find candidates which would be most suitable, go through CVs, cold call all potential candidates, discuss the job role, conduct a small interview to understand
suitability, discuss role details, and conduct background checks before they finally submit the candidate as a potential employee to the companies. While the process is long and comprehensive, The Singh Consultancy’s diverse team conducts its flawlessly.

Being a strong supporter of women who want to restart their careers, and believing that “women who are continuing their education, taking care of the family, taking care of children, sending them to school and then logging in to work at 10 are very passionate about working”,

Puneet has employed a lot of female employees for his own organization, all of whom seem to be delivering above and beyond the client’s expectations.

Among the various differentiating factors, that drive more clients to avail of the services of The Singh Consultancy is their commitment to delivering the best, in various recruitment sectors. While starting out with the Travel and Hospitality industry recruitment as its forte, the company found success when it expanded to include recruitment in the IT sector. The IT sector currently being the fastest growing industry is recruiting a lot. However, The Singh Consultancy has not chained itself to a niche domain. They welcome all clients from diverse sectors to lend their expertise in the hiring process.

Ruchi Pahuja, Co-Founder & CEO
Work In Silence, Let Your Success Make The Noise
Being a young company, The Singh Consultancy has so far kept a low profile. While working and growing over the past two years, they have focused all their energy on delivering quality results and gaining the trust of their clients. Now, after having established a rather firm footing in the recruitment industry, they are ready to show themselves as a rising leader in this sector.

With their inclusive approach, dedication to only delivering relevant results, and a big network of candidates and clients, the entire team of The Singh Consultancy is looking forward to expanding nationally as well as internationally in the near future. While being present Pan-India, they hope to expand visibility domestically, onboard more domestic IT companies, and expand internationally primarily in the tech domain.