The Social Booth: Managing End to End Digital Requirements

Salman Moin,Co-founder

Salman Moin


For decades, brands have relied on visibility for their impact. In the current dynamic digital world, brands are combating an everyday battle to showcase their content to a vast audience on social media. The only way for a brand to get noticed is by sharing a story with their audience; and stories are always easier to remember. Gurgaon-based The Social Booth, a digital marketing agency believes that in a digitally well-connected world, integrated marketing/digital solutions across touch points- mobile, web, search, social media campaigns combined with creativity is imperative to make a brand a success. It helps brands to create and share their stories in today's digital world the social media way. "We truly believe that content is king- a powerful tool which when combined with the right strategy can influence decision making, change perceptions and spearhead the Brand in the desired direction," speaks Salman Moin, Co-founder, The Social Booth.

The Social Booth was established in 2015 by a group of digital natives and industry experts who have been active members of the marketing communications ecosystem since it started being recognized as a powerful medium to sell and engage brands. "It comes as no surprise that storytelling has been intrinsic to our business and function. The digital medium and the opportunities are presents for storytelling is immense and continues to evolve and it is exactly these
attributes that attracted us to embark on this journey," he says. The company has a wide spectrum of B2B and B2C brands on-board cutting across industries including auto, F&B, lifestyle, real estate, healthcare. It works towards creating enriched experiences online by providing solutions that are not only performance driven but also creative that help brands reach their end objective.

An Array of Services
As an independent digital marketing and social media agency that specializes in content creation, strategy, design, digital PR and providing end to end digital solutions, The Social Booth's services include Campaign Management, Influencer Management, Crisis Management, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Video Content Creation, amongst others.

The Social Booth has a wide spectrum of B2B and B2C brands on-board cutting across industries including auto, F&B, lifestyle, real estate, healthcare

The company's approach is defined by studying the brand's positioning and requirements supported by market research and thereby engineering an identity for the brand that is in line with its voice and visual language. Throwing light on the same, he further elaborates, "We believe that a well-told story can create an enriched brand that connects with the audience beyond the superficial. This story is more-often-than-not driven by a rudimentary idea, inspired from the everyday life-a conversation, an observation, an experience or the people around you which become triggers or catalysts to arriving at that eureka moment!"

The Growth
Over the years, The Social Booth has witnessed decent growth. In terms of revenue, it has registered a growth of 2x Y-O-Y. Besides, it has expanded its portfolio from 5 brands in 2016 to over 20+ brands and growing. The company has managed the launch of India's first digital launch of a bike spearheaded multiple store launches of a popular QSR through a 360-degree marketing approach; and has driven influencer outreach for the fashion week in London, New York and Paris, to name a few.

"The idea is that we are looking at investing further in our research and analytics wing. We are looking at elements that can help solve client problems even better and enhancing the nuances of storytelling and maybe look at increased adaption of videos," he concludes.