The Verticals: Builds Analyses and Secures Technology

By Manikanta, Founder, Divya Sena, Co-Founder

By Manikanta, Founder

Divya Sena, Co-Founder

The digitized age has prompted people to dole out their priced information online which in return has forged room for data breach that keeps us exposed in an untrusted environment. The existence of multiple technologies and the cross platforms has caused the strewing of data across the domains. This has further increased the probability of data and information leakage. These glitches have however propelled techsavvies to come up with solutions to protect data from such unhealthy exposures. An aspirant technocrat and businessman, Manikanta did recognise this fault and settle on the plan of establishing a platform which catered the setbacks in the data and help organizations to maintain privacy of their data and deets. His objective was to create a synergy between technologies and progression by raising a technologically dominated environment that facilitates cyber security and business analytics. This end of view paved way for the formation of The Verticals an innovative venture that intends to avail the power of Artificial Intelligence to uplift the face of cyber security and business analytics. "I have been into the business space for quite some time and explored the various dimensions. This introduced me to the set of circumstances where companies are apprehensive about the privacy of their data and customer information. The security issue became some sort of a bugbear for them. It is then when I set my sight on assisting companies to operate in safe and secure cyberspace and empower them with rational data protection resources," narrates
Manikanta, Founder, The Verticals.

The emerging waves of The Verticals got due directions when Divya Sena teamed up with Manikanta. This collaboration has worked wonders for the company as they together not only pinned down the glitches that pestered the smooth functioning of businesses but at the same time engineered efficacious solutions that helped the firm to be the best in town. “My ventures introduced me to the market scenario where I learnt about the current trending market needs and demand such as the concept of data and business privacy. When I was introduced to the concept of The Verticals, without a second thought I made the decision to plunge in this endeavour," explicates Divya Sena.

The Verticals is that it brings techno logical innovations with traditional quality encryption under one roof to build reframe the future of data cyber and business

What does it Offer
The Verticals operates in three main verticals i.e. Web & Mobile Application Development Designing & Encrypted Business Mails. Along with which it also executes a number of R& D activities as well. However, its professional excellence lies in two main pursuits such as the structuring of AI Powered Data Security and Business Analytics. The company welds together AI and cyber space to do away with the problems that persists in the cyber space. On the other hand a part of its objective is to make well founded and engaging data accessible and strategise valuable insights for burgeoning businesses. The uniqueness of The Verticals is that it brings technological innovations with traditional quality encryption under one roof to build reframe the future of data, cyber and business. Till date, the company has served different organizations from different sectors including Banking & Finance, IT Services, Mass Media Industry Manufacturing & Water Industry and several others.

The Forward Move
The company has seen both economic and social growth over the time. Within a span of one and a half year, it had on boarded national and international clientele. It has weaved up many significant networks and clients in countries India, U.S and Saudi Arabia.

The prime movers of The Verticals aim to take up new endeavours and extend it offerings to new sectors and provinces. They aspire to make significant contribution towards remoulding the data cyber space and business analytics domains, meeting each and every need in this space.