The Workroom: A Distinctive Approach To Interior Excellence & Timeless Innovation

Karishma Baid,Founder & Principal Designer

Karishma Baid

Founder & Principal Designer

Today, interior design startups face numerous challenges, right from market saturation, intense competition, to the need for credibility. The abundance of service providers risks diluting the market, demanding startups to differentiate and showcase unique value. Establishing trust is vital, given the industry's history being dominated by established firms. Overcoming these challenges and emerging as a leader in this domain, The Workroom is reshaping how we experience and perceive living and working spaces in the dynamic world of interior design. Founded eight years ago, the firm specializes in luxury residential and commercial projects, offering end-to-end services in both design and execution.

Started as a one-woman-led endeavor, The Workroom has evolved into a thriving company with a dedicated team of 10 designers, a full-fledged team, and a workshop. “What sets us apart is our emphasis on personal connections we build lasting relationships with clients, treating each project as a heartfelt endeavor. Our clients appreciate the personal involvement and attention to detail, making us stand out in the luxury segment. Our goal is to continue growing while maintaining a familial and personal approach, ensuring every project feels like home”, speaks Karishma Baid, Founder and Principal Designer. The Workroom has had the pleasure of working for a diverse class of clients including leading Economists, Founders of successful startups, senior executives of multinational companies, entrepreneurs, popular
restaurateurs, and the vibrant corporate class of Gurugram. The Workroom believes that the power of a well designed space has an incredible impact on the individual who lives, works or interacts with that space.

The Workroom specializes in transforming homes and commercial spaces, offering a comprehensive range of services from design to execution. While its primary expertise lies in crafting unique and personalized home environments, the firm extends its services to diverse commercial spaces, including offices, restaurants, and retail establishments. The company is known to provide a turnkey solution - not only offer design consultancy but also have an in-house team capable of handling various tasks, from customized furniture manufacturing to plumbing, painting, stone works, and more. Clients often choose The Workroom for both design and build, appreciating the convenience of having a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

The Workroom’s handson, boutique approach emphasizes personal involvement in every project, ensuring a comfort factor for its clients

“At our firm, the journey of every project begins with envisioning the space. From initial thoughts on space planning to creating nooks and detailed plans, our process is centered around highlighting elements and crafting unique details. Staying abreast of industry trends, we maintain a network that introduces us to new materials and concepts. Rather than storing ideas we promptly apply fresh inspirations, allowing creativity to flow naturally”, shares Karishma. The Workroom’s hands-on, boutique approach emphasizes personal involvement in every project, ensuring a comfort factor for its clients. Unlike adhering to a fixed design language, the firm tailors its creations to reflect the clients' personalities, introducing unique elements to each space. Its commitment to cleanliness, functionality, and openness remains constant.

The Workroom prides itself on a systematic and professional approach, a deliberate choice influenced by the nature of its clientele, predominantly from the professional and corporate spheres in the cosmopolitan city of Gurugram. Given the diverse backgrounds of its clients in sectors such as IT and finance, the firm recognizes the importance of professionalism and timely project management. In the creative and lucrative field of interior design, it's easy to prioritize aesthetics over execution. However, the company believes in maintaining a balance. At The Workroom, the solid system and well-organized teams ensure that the design concepts are not only impressive but also executed seamlessly, distinguishing it in the premium and corporate client segments.