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George Jogi, Director

George Jogi

Director is a young and dynamic e-commerce online platform for OTC medicines, drugs and products. Headquartered in Kerala, it was established in 2020 by Gowell International Traders Private Limited, a flagship venture of Geco Group of Companies which has been in the industry for over 30 years with a solid distribution network of pharmaceutical products, English and Ayurvedic medicines and FMCG products. The company further came across several health supplements that are 100% natural. These products can address the root cause without having any synthetic add on and can do a phenomenal job more than any other synthetic medicines can do.

Intending to sell these products across the globe under one roof so that it can add value and benefit to a whole lot of people not just in Kerala but also across the country, online platform was built to sensitise people about the best for them. The website
has some of the most unique products in the Indian market, one such product includes O2live. These are squalene capsules which increase the bioavailability of oxygen for the cells and give a tremendous amount of energy, immunity, as well as health for the body. Quite popular in western countries, the company had associated themselves with Arbee Bio LifeScience for bringing squalene under the brand O2live in Indian market.

The company is in association with Dr. Praveen, who was the mastermind behind the herbal probiotic migraine kit

Another unique product, The Migraine Relief Kit is a natural remedy to fight and cure migraine head-aches. The company is in association with Dr. Praveen, who was the mastermind behind the herbal probiotic migraine kit. The medicine is so effective that it can mitigate the migraine issue in those, who probably had it for 10 - 15 years. The e-commerce website boosts similar products for acidity, joint pain, and stress relief.

"Trying to compete and give anything and every-thing under one roof is not the policy of the e-portal, but would like to give the best to the customers with unique products, and be a niche store that could also educate people about the best for them,'' says George Joby.

Recently, the e-commerce website has tied up with the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India, wherein they have come up with 3 scientifically researched medical combinations that can work perfectly for diabetics, arthritis, and hypertension. As the firm forges ahead, it aspires to continue to make things easier and smarter for the people, ensuring harmless solutions for lifestyle disorders. The company is also looking forward to add products to the portfolio not just simply pertaining to health supplements but any thing that will make the life of people easier, better and healthier.