Think Digital Online: Revolutionizing India's Advertising Landscape with Innovative & Personalized AdTech Solutions

 Vijay Singh Chouhan, Founder &,    Himanshu Mishra, Co-Founder

Vijay Singh Chouhan, Founder &

Himanshu Mishra, Co-Founder

The AdTech industry is growing at a rapid pace. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global AdTech market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7 percent from 2023 to 2030. The adoption of digital advertising by businesses of all sizes stands as a key driver of growth in this sector, as consumers increasingly shift their attention to digital media. However, the industry grapples with challenges such as the lack of standardization and regulation, which can create uncertainty among advertisers and hinder the widespread adoption of AdTech innovations. Nestled in the vibrant city of Lucknow, Think Digital Online, a rising startup established in 2017, stands as a dynamic problem-solving force of the existing challenges in the market.

Specializing in affiliate marketing and offering comprehensive Social Marketing Services, the company operates on two strategic fronts: CPC campaigns, including e-commerce and travel, meticulously designed to boost client sales, and CPM campaigns, encompassing cost per acquisition and cost per lead initiatives, catering to a diverse clientele spanning from financial to real estate sectors. “We're a creative agency that uses ideas, design skills, and growth plans to help businesses succeed. As a full-service Digital Marketing Company in India, we
understand your business well”, speaks Vijay Singh Chauhan, Founder. Think Digital Online, through partnerships with CLICKBANK and MAXBOUNTY, exceeds client expectations with high-impact performance market ing. Originating from a single-room startup, it grew remarkably in five to six years, serving fifty clients without external investors, relying on reinvested earnings for its ascent.

Blending Creativity, Strategy, Innovation
Think Digital Online offers a diverse array of services that seamlessly blend creativity, strategy, and innovation to enhance the client’s digital footprint. “Our services include affordable options like SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, SMO, Social Media management, and Website design, all made to fit your business. We're dedicated to quality and offer top services within your budget, giving you a great experience. We're experts in SEO and can help manage your online image on social media. We also do SMO, Bulk SMS, and modern Website design, all to boost your digital success”, says Himanshu Mishra, Co-Founder. Think Digital Online excels in leveraging diverse networks and applications for performance marketing, utilizing strategies like convergence from platforms such as driving awareness, and cost-per-click campaigns effectively via channels like Youtube.

Think Digital Online boasts a team of experts committed to staying at technology's forefront, continually refining their skills to aid clients in assessing strengths, identifying weaknesses, and crafting business-enhancing strategies. The firm’s creative prowess extends to graphic design, crafting visually appealing elements for websites, landing pages, and banner ads. They also prioritize Online Reputation Management (ORM), vigilantly monitoring and constructively addressing negative online comments. Strategically, they curate content from diverse angles, utilizing comprehensive analysis, including keyword and market trend assessments. As they disseminate this content across platforms, they adapt dynamically to evolving market trends, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction for their clients.

Innovative Roadmap for Strategic Advancements
Think Digital Online's future roadmap is marked by strategic innovation. The firm aims to enhance internal and external communication for better collaboration and resource optimization. The introduction of innovative tools, addressing market needs, will offer user-friendly alternatives. Their recent launch, ‘Organics4u’, targets the demand for healthy post-COVID food, available on platforms like Amazon, Swiggy, and Zomato. The company's goal is to establish it as a renowned brand in three to four years. Moreover, it has developed seven to eight tools, catering to SEO, content marketing, and more, promising significant benefits to the digital marketing landscape.