Think Tree Media House: Helping Brands Create Meaningful Experiences through Digital Marketing

By Hugh Loren, Mayur Tekwani & Lanwin Pais,Co-Founders‘Entrepreneurship has no bar on age. It’s never too early or late to start’. It is this philosophy that inspired Mayur Tekwani, LanwinPais, and Hugh Loren to quench their thirst and kick-start their venture – Think Tree Media House in their late 20s from a basement. With an investment of hardly any capital, a few laptops, chairs, a table, and a mosquito bat, the trio started their venture with passion, courage, commitment, and zest to make it big.

Unlike other big companies who started their journey from a garage and took some time to taste success, Think Tree within one year of its operation, cornered the market and pulled off a turnover of around 30 lakhs which was more than what they expected. And within five years, they took their business to three crore revenue. The success saga of Think Tree does not end here.

The growing popularity has given the enterprise a much-needed push to shift its office to a 3500 sq. feet space with a team of 25 members and 30+ clients working with it. It also has global offices in New Zealand and Australia and is looking two-hit base in two more countries in the coming year.

“I was born into a creative family. Creativity is in my blood. I left my job in 2014 when I was 24-year-old and began freelancing as a designer. At that time, I met up with Mayur and Lanwin, who used to organize social events. Our work made us cross paths numerous times.
Mayur offered me to start something together, and I said yes. We three met at my Rain Tree apartment, it got us thinking, and that’s where we founded the company,” says Hugh Loren, Co-Founder, Think Tree Media House.

Incepted in 2015, Think Tree is one of the fastest-growing Bengaluru-based agencies that offers a wide range of solutions from marketing to technical, and creative solutions. Delivering distinguished services from building a brand identity to strategizing growth through integrated marketing, the company has become a go-to agency for all the firms. Think Tree is continuously evolving and constantly improving with the marketing sector.

Hugh firmly believes that the only way to beat a dynamic market is to be a dynamic firm. He also believes that if one sticks to the same ideas, then he/ she will land up nowhere. Staying in tune with the latest market trends and adapting to is the key. He also believes that it is the competition that makes one better, and the company is working towards being the best.

Think Tree is one of the fastest growing Bengaluru-based agencies that offers a wide range of solutions from marketing to technical, and creative solutions

“We have transformed since inception. The digital field is transforming every month; therefore, we adapt to those changes and surf on that wave. We had several milestones and a lot of hurdles on the way. If I had to choose two, one would be bagging PUMA as a client. My love for football and marketing has made that a memorable one. Second, it would be a revenue of 3 crores that we have achieved in the last financial year. It gives a sense of accomplishment for me and my team,” he adds.

Think Team has a very young, dynamic, problem solvers, and creative mind team who works well as a team and at the same time gel well as friends. Be it, employees who worked with the company or the ones who are currently working, all have built great relationships with each other. People at Think Tree are entertained with a positive and friendly workplace atmosphere.

“If you're looking to start a business with partners, ensure that they have skills that are the opposite of what you possess. Don’t partner with some because they are going to invest in your business. The skills they possess are very important and money will come in eventually. You need those extra hands,” concludes Hugh with a message to budding entrepreneurs.