Three Piece Company: Creating Sustainable Fashion Pieces via High Quality and High Valued Product

Rahul Krishan Ahuja,Founder, Director & Design Catalyst

Rahul Krishan Ahuja

Founder, Director & Design Catalyst

Fashion has always been a hotbed for innovation from the invention of sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. In the current world of cut-throat competition and dynamic environment it has become a binding for marketers to keep the record of every pulse of the customers. Today it has become easier for the customers to get information as well as for companies to communicate in a way that is more effective and convincing too. Effective use of presentation technique and media helps companies to control the thinking of their target customers. Only demographic segments no longer can define consumers. Purchasing patterns are driven more by their psychology; that is their mood, lifestyle, occasion and values. So the product should be developed, produced, placed and promoted accordingly.

Significantly, there's Three Piece Company a new fashion brand from India focused on creating high value, high street, sustainable fashion products for the world with its innovation in design and manufacturing. The idea of Three Piece Company is the universality of fashion styling that germinates from ensembles. Wearing co-ordinates and sets, layering etc. is not just driven by fashion alone but cultures, seasons and trends too. The ideas are not just limited to the sets but what makes up these sets and if they can have individual applications.

Three Piece Company creates each of their collections with a styling point of view of customers. So every piece, pair or set is made to be used variably, together or as a tool to mix and match. The Company is about the passion and drive of every human. It is about creating a comfortable outfit to not just match the personality, but also be able to add value to every endeavor that can be taken in the everyday path by it's their clients. It is their core value to redefine fashion not just by the unique styles and patterns but by the way it is sourced, manufactured and worn.

Furthermore, Three Piece Company is focusing on quality while keeping the price as
low as possible with less margin of profit and better returns to the clients. The company has few channels partner such as Pernia's Pop-Up shop, Nykaa Fashon, Elitify, Jhelum etc. and uses such vendor partnerships with third party seller to increase the sales & visibility. The company has its own website and uses facebook and instragram to reach out to the clients, bringing the customers on the website for high fashion designer wear that makes the customer feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. Also, the company is looking at more multi vendor partnership outlets such as brick-and-mortar store to sell the products internationally as well.

Striving Ahead, Breaking Trends and Creating New Fashion
Moreover, the trends from the year 2020 is extreme. Everything is changing and currently the company is panning out the products in the bridge to luxury category with a focus on Design & Quality.

Bridge to luxury is something that will have a huge potential of growth in India based on recent research and analysis of the Apparel Industry. With new and fresh trends within the theme of the company which is `desk to dinner' where one can wear an outfit to work and go out for a dinner in the same ensemble looking stylish and comfortable at the same time. The thought process was to create elements suitable for work, but take off or add one element in the ensemble and you are ready for the next thing on your itinerary.

Indian wedding couture has been the biggest designer wear market in India, Three Piece Company is looking in a different direction, off the chart and envisions to create sustainable high street luxurious fashion items. "People think sustainability is just for fabrics, we think that sustainability is also about how long you want to wear the same piece and how long will it sustain in terms of fabric quality, stitch and the overall style. It should still be stylish even after five years and can be passed through generation like heirloom, now that's sustainable for us" signifies Rahul Krishan Ahuja, Founder at Three Piece Company.

Three piece Company consists of a team with a head designer who looks after all the designs, a merchandiser who looks after all the buying and selling, account manager that takes care of all the partnerships and relationship with multi brand outlets. They were all hired from National Institute of Fashion Technology and an extremely talented tailoring team with experience in production of designer wears apparel for exports.

As a startup the next phase for Three Piece Company would be getting new equity partners, grow the market in terms of different fashion possibility in different segments, other than that the company desires to create more designs resembling the choices of people in India post pandemic and in the global perspective as well. Furthermore, the company wants to raise money in 2021, hire a core marketing & branding team and explore different Textiles & Fabrics for their designs. The Company maybe looking forward to do some fusion Indian design depending on the trend in the future. Three Piece Company is a new fashion brand looking forward to break new trends and create new fashion.

"Ethics and equality is very important to us; our staff is well paid some of our tailors and masters are paid more than industry standard, which reflects in our designs as well. Anything that we create is original and the products that we manufacture are made ethically with a lot of consideration of its impact on the future. You can't be irresponsible when pursuing personal goals. You have to think about what are you sending out and how it affects everyone. We are in the business of making people happy, and we don't want to limit that to just our customers." Signifies Rahul Krishan Ahuja.