Thrise: Curating Unique Solutions to Address E-commerce Challenges Under One Roof

Rajesh Kumar R,Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rajesh Kumar R

Co-Founder & Executive Director

With the increasing number of internet users, there is a new wave of budding entrepreneurs setting up businesses as they flood the market with innovative products, pricing, and stocking practices (marketplace versus inventory). While new firms are utilizing technology to offer superior products, personalization, shortened delivery times, cash on delivery, discount offers, digital payment infrastructure, and simple return policies, established players (brick-andmortar retailers) are still catching up. A one-stop e-commerce solution platform, Thrise was set up in 2020, with the aim of offering services using state-of-theart facilities like Automatic Payment Reconciliation, Inventory Automation, cloud-based solutions, and many more.

Based out of Chennai, Thrise specializes in helping its clients establish and succeed in e-commerce and e-tailing, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. With numerous problems being confronted by small business clients in their initial days, such as monitoring services, tracing target audiences, optimization, and many more, Thrise is vesting its focus on bridging these gaps. “We are involved in the use of analytics and technology to understand customer behavior, identify trends and patterns, and make informed decisions. We assist clients who are new to
e-commerce with catalog and photoshoot services.This enables them to access all the necessary services under one This enables them to access all the necessary services under one roof and save time that would have been spent on cataloging the products elsewhere", shares Rajesh Kumar R, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Thrise.

Thrise mainly focuses on providing solutions to small businesses in the consumer product industry. The company offers a range of solutions at various stages of the value chain of e-commerce. “For e-commerce, we provide website design and development, e-commerce platform selection and customization, product listing optimization, online marketing and advertising, and inventory management. Thrise also provides solutions for logistics and fulfillment, including warehousing and distribution, as well as payment processing. We provide a range of technology solutions to our customers which are Account Management Consultation, Reputation Management Services, Cataloging, Photo Cataloging, and so on. Our USP is a highly automated solution, which reduces the need for manual interaction and minimizes human error”, says Rajesh.

Thrise’s core team possesses a wide range of skills and a comprehensive grasp of the e-commerce sector, which has aided the business in coming up with creative ideas and offering its customers high-quality services. The team's marketing, analytics, and e-commerce specialists have assisted the business in building a strong online presence and generating traffic for the websites and online marketplaces of its clients. Throughout its journey, Thrise has faced several obstacles, such as the target audience's lack of awareness, and the need to stay current with market and e-commerce trends, and ultimately, these obstacles have been conquered by Thrise by being proactive, inventive, and customer-centric.

Future Roadmap
Thrise has a well-defined roadmap for the future, and its main objective is to keep offering cutting-edge solutions to support small and medium-sized enterprises in thriving in the constantly changing digital market. The company’s mission is to help its clients increase profits while minimizing spending, and it has achieved this goal by maintaining one of the best sales-to-marketing spending ratios in the industry. They intend to broaden the scope of their services and solutions to include more market sectors and industries. It is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve operational efficiency and boost income for enterprises. Additionally, Thrise is aiming to upgrade and improve its current technological solutions.