Throttle Aerospace Systems: The Art of Acceleration

Nagendran Kandaswamy,Founder & Director

Nagendran Kandaswamy

Founder & Director

A year ago, the National Design & Research Forum (NDRF), an institution that promotes research, design, & innovation through collaborative effort saw the '+copter' built by one of its partners, Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS). +copter, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was aimed to fly to the designated area autonomously with carrying 5 Kg over 60 km. Giving its first UAV for organ transportation, TAS along with engineers & scientists successfully tested the prototype that carried a 3kg first aid-kit on the 17th-minute flight. Bringing the advent of technology, Nagendran Kandaswamy, Founder & Director, Throttle Aerospace Systems, says, "Our custom built vehicle using the drone technology basically sights to deliver or transport the organs & first aid bags. Extended up to 10kms with a playload of 5kg in the trial process, the drone delivered the first aid kit from one point to another, ensuring a secured landing. This was one of the major boosts that we got and started our footprints in other areas too.”

Bangalore based TAS is best known to be an original equipment manufacturer for UAV and its accessories. Formed as a two-people organization, TAS presently with a team of 20+ experts endeavours to deliver
innovation & cutting-edge technology with acceleration in the field of UAV, its accessories & sensor subsystems.

TAS with a team of 20+ experts endeavours to deliver innovation & cutting-edge technology with acceleration in the field of UAV, its accessories & sensor subsystems

The company is the brain child of Nagendran Kandaswamy. Prior to founding TAS, Nagendran started off his career with Hindusthan Aeronautical Limited and later on worked closely with major aircraft programs both nationally & internationally. “While working outside India I saw the major disruptions taking place which pushed me to do something for India. This led me to start a company for aerospace & defence grade drone requirement.”

Unmanned Aerial Systems & Solutions - Changing Industry Excellence
Identifying civil as the next future, the company shifted its focus entirely to support GIS Company and others. Rolling out its first product ‘Mapper series’, the company introduced India’s its first 'Lidar' based drone to its GIS customers also bringing in 'cloud-based drone technology connected with IoT.' Developing software called TAS GCS ran by an android application to control the entire process of drone, the company distinguishes its offerings as 'Product by Application & Product for Society'. Under product of application, the
products are Lookout VTOL Mapper Series, Stakeout UAS, Hexplorer & Stake Out V-Mapper. This product encompasses endurance & playload, survey grade accuracy, modular plug & play, optimization for survey grade robustness, stability & others. The later is for societal development & environment monitoring purposes.

“Currently, working on a program called the green drone, a small drone with tethering options for environment monitoring we are working to encompass an ER sample device that will collect samples & send it to lab directly,” avers Nagendran. He further adds, “Having complete unique business principle we provide end-to-end solutions & necessary training and render our services in areas of topographical survey, aggregates & mining, agriculture, utility inspection & more.”

Bringing Latest Products
Actively involved in providing cost-effective solutions from design to manufacturing TAS has set an impressive record on focused R&D and has noteworthy clients such as HAL, DRDO, Ministry of Defence and has developed a strategic partnership with NDRF & Wipro. Across a span of three years, it has been able to generate 20x growth rate with having distributor base in cities of Kolkata, Delhi & Hyderabad. TAS is all set to take the entire technology to the global market especially in countries of South Africa & middle east. Nagendran concludes,

“We are soon coming up with a drone capable of machine learning and proprietary cloud based photogrammetric processing scheme. Moreover, we will be opening an office in Chennai also.”