THTRI: High Quality Content Creators

Manobala Vijayabalan ,Founder & CEOWhile the entire world is busy in social media, there are only a few people that are effectively using it. One such mind who turned his social media fame into a business is Manobala Vijayabalan. Back in 2016, when all the platforms were used as a pass time and entertainment only, Manobala having a great number of followers, decided to service companies and make those brands gain visibility and publicity among his followers. Moreover, in the present times, everyone has a favorite TikToker and Instagram page. The top stories of the feeds and timeline are seizing our attention. The scenario is welcoming for brand portrayals through influencer marketing. And, this approach is very much working with the GenZ population as they are closely attached to smartphones and¬¬ networking portals. Grabbing this opportunity in the market, he ventured THTRI - A premium influencer marketing platform to execute social media campaigns with high-quality content creators.

As an influential person with 25K plus followers and a verified account on Twitter, he courageously began to service the brand needs and help them gain identity. However, the initial phase needed ample efforts to set up the first campaign. Aligned to the saying hard work pays off, the strong team’s out-breaking solutions were recognized, and with references the company began to expand its status.

Though the company started its operations in terms of services, with slow and steady growth it was able to connect to more people and launch several successful campaigns.
Beginning with one client, it was able to grow the business by gaining many customers with immense retention rate. At present, it has on-boarded 10K plus influencers to make the client’s brand reach to a wider set of audiences. From a wider perspective, it strives to transform businesses into brands through social media campaigns. It prepares the companies to be ready for go to market with a sound lead generation strategy and the metrics to back it up. “With this, we help them achieve exposure through expert placement, execution, and delivery, the creative concepts and overarching campaigns to make them gain a better online identity,” says Manobala Vijayabalan, Founder & CEO of THTRI.

Operating at the PAN India level, THTRI is looking forward to onboard influencers from other countries and expand its services to the global market

It serves by propagating every event of clients’ operations. While it completely truncates human involvement, the portal allows the user to conduct and track campaigns. It also explains them about the advantages, limitations and if they would serve their necessity before any other proceedings. As part of the services it caters to Hashtag Trending campaigns, Seeding campaigns, Selfie campaigns, Video campaigns, and other Add-ons. Apart from this, it provides a designated platform for both influencers and brands. “We are comfortable working with any type of marketing campaign by understanding if it suits the clients’ needs; it offers the best services by analyzing their objectives and audiences' needs,” he exclaims.

THTRI is now recognized as a creative influencer platform that pools the right crowd for business growth. It caters to fast and reliable services that deliver results with performance. Staying with the clients in the growth journey, it leverages a pragmatic approach that allows it to unravel insights and make sense of the opportunity for brands. “We add some lateral thinking to find the best way to connect with audiences and get a genuine response. We don’t just make sense, we make it sensational,” is what the company’s website claims.

The company which is operating at a PAN India level is looking forward to onboard influencers from other countries and aims at expanding its services to the global market. With a creative and proficient team, it has witnessed a steady growth in terms of revenue and clientele-base and aims to scale much more in the future.