Tistabene: A Young Online Fashion Jewellery Brand

 Siddharth Darda, Founder and Managing Director

Siddharth Darda

Founder and Managing Director

Every startup has a story to tell. When we think of great ventures, we imagine of their origin stories, which inspire us and speak to our dreams and ambitions, and the role that their founders played in that. The story of Tistabene Retails revolves around Siddharth Darda's true passion for building something great from nothing and the will to push to the limits to achieve big goals. He went abroad to pursue higher studies; however his zeal for doing something on his own always triggered his mind. He eventually returned to India. Few months were rough until he got to a point where he finalized his next course of action. He strived and finally met few like minded people during brainstorming and meeting experts who later went on to be nurturing hands for the brand. Like any other practical individual, he completed his studies and then made up his mind to pursue his dream. Winning over all the challenges that came his way, he zeroed in upon creating Tistabene. This was the eureka moment! Next was finding an apposite name that would characterize the brand. "We went through many books at different libraries to come up which a distinct name. And, during that, we encountered a simple yet a very relevant phrase 'tista bene'meaning'Looks good on
you.'A phrase that is classic, used by most of the people and yet gives good vibes, and that is what this brand is all about. Nothing could be apter than this. So it became the name and tag line of the brand,"speaks Siddharth.

Tistabene's turnover in 2018-19 is 4.50 crore and it is expecting YoY growth of 70 percent in the coming fiscal year

Tistabene is born out of Jaipur, which is a hub of jewellery. The idea to venture into the fashion industry was primarily because of its ever growing yet challenging nature. "It was easy for us to find sources in Jaipur as it is the nerve center for jewellery trade. This gave us a better understanding of the market and further led us to find that gap where we could place our brand as a bridge," he mentions. Prior to its inception, Siddharth went through regressive market research to find the gap in the market and strategically position the brand. Along the journey, he found the lack of quality product in fashion jewellery at fair prices. Either they were highly priced with low quality or at throwaway prices with low quality. This made him realize the need of creating a niche in the market.

Over the years, Tistabene has carved a niche in the market. It has partnered with leading delivery services to ensure secure and timely delivery. "Our quality acceptance shows in our very low return rate, i.e. less than 5 percent in comparison to the
e-tailing industry standard of around 25 percent returns,"he adds.

The Growth
Initially, Tistabene commenced its operations with a team of four members and in a span of two years has expanded to house a team of 50+ employees. The company's turnover in 2018-19 is 4.50 crore and it is expecting YoY growth of 70 percent in the coming fiscal year. "Our future roadmap is to give the brand an all inclusive shape that is fashion forward yet classic in its approach, introduce more fashion products, gradually keeping intact our motto, which is quality with fair prices We have a shop in shop business model which has currently reached a figure of 40 and we are still striving to make our presence nationwide in coming years,”he concludes.