Titli Studio: A Premier Indie Game Development Company

Arvind Kashyap, Founder & CEO, Kalyani Kashyap, Chief Marketing Officer,& Lubna Walia, Head - OperationsDrain Pipe – Plumber Game, ‘an online mobile application which is a truly intellectual puzzle game that took the users‘of all age group’ by surprise and made them scratch their head and reckoned the players to try it again. For those who have played this game. It’s is indeed a nerve-racking experience. Without exaggeration, this game has received a healthy response from the gaming enthusiasts, games critics and reviewers, and was positioned among the top 10 games released in the world, in the first week of May 2016, and it stood somewhere under top 5 position. The brain behind the unique creation of such indigenous games links to Titli Studio.

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Titli Studio is known for its‘out of the box’ game development. In the recent past, the company collaborated with a movie called the ‘Lavari’,a local Gujarati Movie, and developed a 2D game called the ‘LAVARI THE GAME’, “Yes, for the first time in the history of Gujarat,
we developed an Animated game from a movie,”asserts Lubna Walia, Head – Operations, Titli Studio.

Open to innovation, Titli Studio is continuously testing new ideas, concepts and is implementing it on all their upcoming games

She further explicates“Our Art Team is constantly surveying the market so that we can develop new phase frame (technology, ideas, and creativity). There is so much talent in India, but the games produced here are not in par with world standard games. It is a great challenge for us to explore this loop hole and develop games for the International audience.”

Beginning of Titli Studio – Developing Games with Best International Level of Concepts & Graphics
Arvind Kashyap, ever since a young boy loved playing games like Super Mario, Contra and others. As time progressed he noticed that the technology switched from pixel art to photo realistic, and consoles to mobile platform. Therefore, being a diehard fan of games throughout his life, he always wondered how he could contribute to this field. This was the start of Titli Studio, which metamorphosed into a full-fledge gaming company in 2015.

Today, Titli Studio is an Indie Game Studio that ison a mission to enhance the overall services,

experience and knowledge, which depicts the quality of international standards. “Right now we are using Unity 3D as game engine but our programmers are also gaining knowledge in other game engines like unreal and for designing part, where we are exploring and testing new technologies that are available in the market, other than Maya, MAX, Substance Designer, Substance Painters, World machine and others,” mentions Arvind Kashyap, Founder & CEO, Titli Studio.

The Game Begins!
Open to innovation, the company is continuously testing new ideas, concepts and is implementing it on all their upcoming games. At present, however, they are developing games for mobile platforms. But, in the future the company has plans to launch games for PC and Console Platforms also. “We are more focused on action and RPG genre right now and are keeping this in consideration while developing games for our international users,” mentions Arvind.

By fall of 2018, Titli Studio is coming up with a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This is going to be graphically strong and will elevate Titli Studio’s to a whole new level. Elaborating on the future roadmap, Arvind concludes “In the coming years our contribution will depend on the demand, technology, and user’s need. We will try our best to provide quality products and services. As we have only one strategy – ‘If the supply quality is good, then the demand of the product or services will automatically rise.”