TMU Branding & Marketing: Your Own Branding and Marketing Agency!

Tarun Gunwara,FounderTMU Branding & Marketing (teramerauska) was founded in the year 2016 with a vision to offer Digital Lead generation services in Ahmedabad and other cities of India. The company is a 360-degree, very quick in responding, excellent creative and marketing company on and for digital platforms and is one of kind in the state of Gujarat which is spreading in states like MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. TNU houses a very aggressive branding and marketing team, which is ALLDIGITAL #AllDigital. "We are a certified bunch who comes from various Digital Marketing disciplines and also from Design Schools. We are very strong in working with the sales and marketing teams of large manufacturing units, large service and products companies where we strategize quarterly plans and execute to generate inquiries and direct leads converting to business," says Tarun Gunwara.

TMU orchestrates Digital Brand & Marketing Strategy visualizing customers' imagination and with the energy of content planning it innovates the business on the digital world. It perceives that every customer has a unique brand with unique requirements. "Our Techniques to create the Brand and take them to the right Audience via Internet Marketing on all popular digital platforms is our expertise. Currently, we have 30 odd customers in 2.10 years of our existence and our operations are spread across four states.
Gujarat is the new destination for Agencies in Digital Branding and Digital Marketing. People from Maharashtra give business to companies like ours in Ahmedabad and that is only because of our communication and design + marketing skills ­ All Digital," mentions Tarun.

The Beginning
The ideation of TMU took shape in 2016 and the company was formed in 2017. It took a year to conceptualize the services and plan the execution model first and then work on hiring and selling the services to be given. Tarun with a background on digital platforms with an experience more than 15 years on software and digital aspects leveraged his expertise to form a platform that would cater to the digital marketing needs of the clients. The team at TMU consists of Creative Illustrators, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Video Animators, Graphic Illustrators, Digital Strategists, amongst others.

TMU Branding & Marketing offers an array of services some of which includes Digital Branding, Digital marketing, Amazon Market Place setup, and Content collection

The company offers an array of services some of which includes Digital Branding, Digital marketing, Amazon Market Place setup, and Content collection. In addition to this, it helps businesses to enhance their visibility. "Our social media marketing services help to highlight the brand on various digital media platforms and search engines. Successful content marketing is only possible with effective social media management services which we provide," he asserts. TMU's digital marketing services also include organizing digital marketing campaigns for events. "We believe digital promotion is the best alternative for informing people for an upcoming event. As more and more people will be in-formed, it will automatically result in the success of our client's event," he adds.

The Growth
Since inception, the company has expanded its operations in terms of its team strength. "We will complete three years in Feb 2020. We will be in our 3rd Level as we call it. Every year for us starts with a new vision for that level and we grow every level. 3rd Level vision is clear, add up 10 large clients, finalize our online product Events and Expo support digital support and retain 80 percent of the clients in the 3rd level, which is 3rd year as well," he concludes.