Tomorrow's Genius (TG Campus TM): A trailblazer in the Educational Field

  Nagesh Pai,     Director

Nagesh Pai, Director

Tomorrow's Genius(TG)India, a subsidiary of GreenPoint Global, provides a one stop solution for online education. TG is the brainchild of Sanjay Sharma who gave shape to his idea of creating a test and learning platform for US School kids, especially for the underprivileged kids studying in the govt. schools in the USA. This idea was further explored by the Director of India Operations, Nagesh Pai, who pledged to offer full-fledged online tutoring services to students in India and Gulf. In an era where almost every house hold is equipped with digital gadgets like computer or tablet and good internet connectivity; bringing qualified tutors to individual homes via an online platform was a dream made a reality.

A trailblazer in the educational field, TG provides live online instruction to students in small group and individual learning sessions. With TG CampusTM (a cloud-based platform), TG expands the reach of its innovative online teaching platform to tutors and students across the globe. It offers Live Online Tutoring with Audio and Video communication along with
state of the art digital whiteboard. The tutoring sessions are conducted in small batches of 10-15 students which help the tutor interact individually with every student and solve their doubts immediately. All these sessions are recorded and made available to the students for future reference and revision. Besides, this eliminates the need for rushing to jot down notes and support students to focus and concentrate on the lecture. The topic and core concept level tests & assignments, self-practice test questions are given to students; also detailed test and result analytics are available for student and parents to gauge individual performance. This is followed by quarterly parent-teacher meetings and interaction to discuss the student's progress.

Experience Counts!
The company takes pride in having a very well qualified and experienced team of ex IITians who are aided with SMEs from different academic background who help the teachers with content and creation of question bank on a regular basis. The teacher and students are supported by a 24x7 support team which takes care of class scheduling and monitoring of live sessions. "All of our teachers work with the will power of imparting quality education to students at their home, without the need for the student to travel managing his or her hectic schedule," says Sanjay.

TG's sales, support and academic team realize the potential and remain in constant sync with each other. The team has a conversion ratio of 80 per cent from a demo to
enrolling the student to a live session. TG CampusTM digital marketing activities have an astounding rate of engagement over all platforms as compared to other competitors that too in a short period of time. Also, the competent digital marketing team at TG constantly strives to build, scale up, and sustain the brand's reputation across all relevant social media platforms.

Towards a Bright Future For the past six months, TG has been actively marketing its courses and has a student strength of 120 across grades 8-12 and growing. "We have a steady addition of students and the target is to have 10,000 students on board by March 2020. In India, we are currently operational in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Punjab, Delhi and Calcutta. Our plan is to start operations in other Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities and have a spread to these cities by end of 2019," he mentions. Internationally TG is operational in the USA, UK, GCC, Singapore and the Philippines.

Team TG's mission is to provide affordable quality education to students and by 2019-20, it plans to venture into rural areas and prepare students for the competitive exams. "With the presence of Jio in rural areas, Internet has become easily available to individuals and hence TG can reach each household. Deserving students from rural areas need not travel or migrate to bigger cities to prepare themselves for competitive exams and can get themselves ready to prepare for these exams using TG,"he concludes.