Pixel Softwares: Design and Development of IT Solutions with Special Attention to Blockchain

Satish Dhiman ,Co-founder & CEO

Satish Dhiman

Co-founder & CEO

According to a report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global blockchain market is projected to grow to USD 163.83 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 56.3%. The world has seen the emergence of many unicorns in the blockchain sector that have disrupted the usual perception for business operations across the world. There are still many problems that clients face while availing services from an IT company.

Today, when blockchain is gaining a lot of traction and businesses are trying to explore it, IT service providers must be well equipped with the technology. The need to have expert IT service providers who specializes in blockchain technology is growing every day. Pixel Softwares is endeavouring to stick to its core values and basic holistic principles and serving clients for any kind of IT requirement big or small especially in the blockchain development sector. The company is creating NFTs, cryptocurrency wallets, dApps, trading platforms, and simple to complex smart contracts.

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages of development. Despite this, the approach still has a lot of advantageous applications. For the best likelihood of success, while developing a blockchain business strategy, the organization works under the guidance of certain protocols that include focusing on specific issues and their solutions, developing end to end blockchain based products, coming up with a POC (Proof of Concepts) and connecting all the dots, implement a blockchainbased business strategy.
“I have wanted to start an IT company since I was very young. I have always been enthusiastic about new technologies. Moreover, I believe in giving people opportunities and growing the Indian tech sector.

Our blockchain team is powerful, and we are now extending our core services to clients globally. We started working on the blockchain when it was in the news in 2013– 2014 since we are always adapting to the times. Our mission stands at bringing positive change to rapidly escalate the technological era and connect people globally,” mentions Satish Dhiman, Co-founder & CEO, Pixel Softwares.

Overcoming Difficulties
In the pre-mature stage of the business, there were a plethora of challenges/constraints which were faced. The challenges included talent retention, talent recruitment, workload, skill gaps, lack of career development/growth, constraints on resources/budget, unclear job responsibilities/roles, lacking effective leadership, communication gaps, and boosting employees’ morale, just to name a few.

Our mission stands At bringing positive Change to rapidly Escalate the Technological era And connect people Globally

However, the company takes immense pride in overshadowing all these challenges and emerging as an independent IT organization amongst other Tech Giants. “Our management style is primarily “Visionary”. The big picture is that the organization is led by the unanimous visionary thought of up-scaling the company’s interior values, performance, and overall accomplishment of the employees. My sole attention is on the future with the thought to inspire my team to work together towards a common objective and boost the morale of each other for the strong foundational pillars throughout,” mentions Neetu Dhiman. Co-founder.

The Road Ahead
The company’s long-term goals are mounted. It wants to increase personal & professional wealth, expand into new opportunities, reach more and more public globally, and ultimately set a longlasting legacy of the organization/ work. “Our organization is fixating on its state-of-art approaches and remarkable strategies to become a tenet for clients on a wider scale to have the best possible solutions for their rigorous professional needs. We shall put all our strenuous efforts into making the IT sector the most prestigious and capacious. Our future products include own crypto trading and banking platform, Own blockchain, metaverse, NFTs and end to end blockchain related products”, concludes Satish.