Touchwood Automation: An Innovative & One-Stop Shop for High-end Quality Electronic Products & Systems

The journey of Touchwood Automations dates back to the time when Tanmay Mehta was actively learning a 12-weekend course on entrepreneurship from SP Jain, Mumbai. Growing up amidst a business family, Tanmay had all intentions to build a business which can grow without his active presence. Connecting the dots, the idea of venturing into the space of automation and audio video systems came through as a big surprise. “Being an engineer, I was always in the space of exploring products and technologies and used to be the personal manual for many electronic products used by friends and relatives. Whilst toying with such products, I came across these systems and realized that there is a big void in applications of such systems in our day-today lives. With a personal love for guiding people in simplifying their premium electronic systems and to help them with the right solutions, this brainchild was started to give world-class experiences to people which made them say, Touchwood!,” says Tanmay.

For the years to come, team Touchwood aims to continue its growth in residential spaces and at the same time focus on the Commercial and Institutional spaces.

Touchwood makes substantial progress in achieving, engaging and entertaining solutions for the end users with its customized manuals, prompt service and customer care facility.
“Today if you look around; each and everything that is keeping you engaged and entertained is an electronic system. But with electronic product or system, comes customer’s worst enemy – ‘Manuals’; a thick, long and boring guide to use the product or system. We changed this scenario by designing a system – ‘One Page Customized Manual’ used by our customers or operators for a better, flawless and longer experience,” informs Tanmay.

Carving a Niche in the Automation Space To help residential spaces get strong wireless networks, it persistently educates its customers in opting for a rigid Wi-Fi network in their premises to overcome any delay in operating these premium electronic systems. Besides, the company puts forward a unique approach to match the ideas, requirements and thoughts clients have. It follows a 6D process – where each of these 6Ds represents an activity or task performed by the team of dreamers, designers and doers. “This system implemented in our company has brought smiles to more than 1000 homeowners across India, who are keeping their premises safe and secure (with Home Automation); and enjoying their times (with Audio Video Systems) with their families,” he asserts.

What’s Next?

‘Experts First, Designers Second and Traders Last’ is what team Touchwood believes in. The company follows a competence development plan as a part of its learning centric approach to build skilled and competent team.“Each coach in my mentoring team adds a different value.
Tanmay Mehta,Founder

Tanmay Mehta, Founder

Rajiv and team guides me in my journey of Pace, whilst my relatives and friends encourage me in staying brave and
strong,” he adds. Sailing against the wind, the company today has come a long way from where it all started. The revenue has seen a consistent growth of 80 to 85 per cent every financial year. Few of the milestones include designing an Auditorium in Kinshasa city, Congo (Africa), designing complex government projects like Conference rooms for 100+ people and recently getting a chance to execute more than 45 projects at a time.

For the years to come, team Touchwood aims to continue its growth in residential spaces and at the same time focus on the Commercial and Institutional spaces. “I believe that if one has to stay and move ahead in the race, Innovation and Invention are the most essential factors which will keep redefining them and I am sure that Touchwood Automations shall continue using them to impact thousands of families every year,” he concludes.